Zack’s girlfriend Molly had been stand-offish lately and had been denying him sex. He had begun to suspect she was cheating on him so he used his technological genius to find out. He slipped a nanobot into her food and then he ate one himself. If Molly had sex the nanobot would activate and merge Zack and Molly’s consciousness. Zack would be able to watch from Molly’s body and she would never know. For a few days nothing happened but then Zack had to work late and while he was at his desk the bots kicked in. Something went wrong because Zack was not just watching he could feel it all like he was Molly except he had no control over her. Molly wasn’t cheating she was using a giant rubber dildo up her ass and she was loving it. Zack felt her cum just from this several times. As the night wore on she cleaned and used the giant dildo to pleasure herself in other ways. When he finally returned to his body Zack knew two things; His dick was too small for Molly and he needed to create gender swapping nanobots. that was way too good to not do again.


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