“Uh… look, Doc… I know I was just here a week ago and shit, but I kinda need you to undo what you did.”
“Really, Gina? I’m surprised! You said that you wanted breasts that size because your boyfriend Fredo loved big breasts…”
“Well yeah, I do- …I mean, yeah he does, which is why I, I mean HE hooked up with Big-Titty Tina last night, so… she dumped me, I mean, I dumped his ass! So now I want you to reduce these tits!”
“Oh, well I’m sorry Gina, but that won’t be possible. Don’t you remember that you agreed to be enlarged by my new experimental growth formula? There’s no way to reverse the effects.”
“WHAT?! You mean you didn’t just stick in implants like THIS?! Fuck, that bitch Gina didn’t tell me that! After she found out I cheated on her, she had her crazy gypsy aunt switch our bodies, and now you’re tellin’ me that I’m stuck with these giant, fat titties?!”
“Oh… yes, I’m afraid so… Fredo, I presume? Well, actually it is a good thing that you stopped by. Since you’ll be the one in Gina’s body from now on, I should let you know that you should expect your breast to continue to grow. After all,I am still testing the formula.”


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