The fourth date

It was the fourth date with Liz since i met her. All went well and i have planned to invited her home this night. I was also a little bit stressed because she told me she was really hard to pleased in sex, so i have to man up. With no surprises she agreed to go home and we began to make out. She haven’t lied, she was a tigress in bed and it was hard for me to follow. I tryed my best but after ten minutes of pure exctasy, i cracked and released my load. It was the best i could do but she seem not satisfied at all. “Is it the best you can do? I haven’t have an orgasm! Ok, i will have to do this myself.” she said to me. I thought she was implying masturbation but instead she waved her hand to me and i felt my body quickly change in shape. In an instant i was no longer a man. A quick glance to the mirror attended to the bed confirmed me i was now a feminine verion of myself with long brown hair, a cute face and generous breasts and buttocks. I turned to Liz and saw a man who strangely looked like Liz and realised the same gender swap had happen to her. Liz kissed my feminine lips and began her work on my body. And god, she was good at this. I almost forgot a man was touching me and let me go. In a few minutes i was on my knee with Liz digging in my pussy with her cock from behind. And the worst was i enjyd myself being fucked like that. When she released her blow in me i experienced the most incredible orgasm i had felt in my life. I collapse on the bed, in extasy, unable to move. “Ah i hope it felt as good for you that it was for me” said Liz with her voice changing from man to woman. I watch her returning to her original sexy form and lie down beside me on the bed. “It felt amazing” i managed to say, but as i looked at my still feminine body i ask, “when did i go back to be a man?”. I was pretty shocked when she said “you don’t”. “Sorry but i can only change a person one time, exept me of course. Plus, you weren’t man enough to satisfy me, it suit you more to be a woman now. Don’t look sad, with a body like yours, you will find a cute guy really quick and fuck you like i did, you seem to really enjoy it” She said before saying goodbye and good luck and leave. Leaving me alone on the bed, trying to compose on the fact that my life as a guy was over and wondering if i could live as a woman now.


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