Free Trial

He’d been skeptical when he’d reached a voucher in the mail for a free session in a new hypnotherapy practice. He’d never bought into that new age crap, but free was free and he’d been dared by a buddy to go anyway. The therapist was a quack, going on about revealing his subconscious desires and resolving repressed traumas. But, again, free was free so he played along, laid back, and allowed himself to be “placed in a trance”.

She snapped back to awareness as the therapist’s strong hands ran across her small, soft body. She was almost embarrassed by her inexperience but he wordlessly reassured her, guiding her as their pace quickened and the pleasure built. She couldn’t believe how real the dream felt to her senses. As she failed to suppress a moan, she decided that she could admit when she was wrong. Once their ‘session’ was done, she resolved to recommend the place to all her friends!


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