rabbit’s foot keychain – three girls in one bed

“Play with those big titties. Come on, slap ’em around… don’t worry, I know they must feel strange now, but after I’m done showing you how that bimbo 18 year old nympho barbi body of yours works, you’ll be thanking me for making that wish!” Kyle said as he stared down at me as I ripped off the tiny pink push up bra, freeing my huge, awkward, humiliating breasts for him to oggle at, a smile spreading on his face as I began to grab them, jiggle them with my hands and slap them side to side.

I tried to scream at him, attack him, grab that fucking rabbit’s foot and make him pay… but instead… I whimpered in my high pitched voice, licked my big, pouty pink lips and then closed my eyes in pleasure as my fingers found my high, pink nipples and began to tweak them, humiliation and lust filling me as Kyle slid my pink, frilly skirt down my legs, reavealing my wide hips, tiny waist, big, round, shelf of an ass… and my tight, hairless, pink pussy.

I closed my eyes even tighter, not wanting to see… what I’d felt since he’d made that wish with that fucking keychain he’d been waving in my face the last hour… it’d been only about twenty minutes since he started… but it felt like an endless nightmare since the second he’d held it up in front of my desk and started speaking…

“Ryan, I know you don’t believe me so…. let’s prove it.” Kyle had smiled as he stood in front of me, refusting to shut up, like always. He was always as annoying as fuck , I never liked him in school, and, now that I’d graduated and had to get a job for the summer before leaving for college I hated him even more being stuck working nights on my summer break with him at this computer IT job. Most of the time it was just sitting around, listening to him never shut up… talking endlessly about the girls at high school, the girls we worked with… the guy was a total perv, but just wouldn’t shut up no matter how many times I told him too. Even worse, today he wouldn’t stop saying how he had a magic wishing key chain and could do anything he wanted and fuck any chick he wanted.Finally, when he brought up my girlfriend Josie for the second time after I told him not too, then my older sister Nancy, who I’d already warned him about saying shit about in front of me… and then said he was going to fuck them both at lunch no matter what either of us did, I snapped and threw the overweight out of shape 18 year old down against his desk. To my surprise he just laughed… and then said he wished I couldn’t move. Suddenly… I couldn’t fucking move!

“Don’t get all worked up though dude! At least not yet… you’ll get to watch… and, I wish that that tight, virgin, 18 year old pussy of yours would get nice and wet and turned on while you watch me put the moves on your slut of a girlfriend and your big tits slut of a sister… since I wish they were both here in this room with us, nude and the horniest they’ve each ever been, sitting on a big, soft bed that has room for all of us… and I wish they will do and feel anything I say she will.” Kyle laughed gleefully, as I tried to ignore his jabbering and force my body to move, starting to feel panic rise in me as I imagined what kind of drugs he must have slipt me. I was gonna’ murder this fat fuck!

That was before the air wavered… and suddenly, to my total shock, reality seemed to twist and waver around me and the room. I could hear Kyle laugh as I watched a fucking BED appear in the middle of the office… out of thin air! I thought I was dreaming for sure…

Then, suddenly, I saw Josie, my gorgeous redheaded girlfriend appear, totally nude, laying on the bed, and then, to my digust my own fucking older sister, also nude, laying next to my girlfriend.

“Ladies! You both will call me master, you are both so horny you can’t think about anything but sex, and the only way you can cum is with my permission!” Kyle said and stepped forward, dropping his pants.

I actually gasped when I saw his dick spring out of his pants… it had to be almost a foot long… and, impossibly, Josie, my fucking GIRLFRIEND, had crawled forward, leaned up, smiled, and then slid the entire thing down her throat, while Kyle smiled and squeezed her perfect C cup breasts. I tried to scream but still was unable to move, forced to watch as my sister joined in, giving Kyle a double girl blow job, her nude, attractive body that all my friends always lusted after shaking with lust as she began to work her pussy while she helped Josie deep throat Kyle’s huge dick.

“I wish you’d lean back, and be able to move again… but only to watch… because I wish you’d go ahead and masterbate… and enjoy watching me fuck these sluts!”

I tried to scream out and attack him, but instead, I leaned back into a chair and watched my sister and girlfriend suck Kyle off like porn stars… and that’s when things got really bad.

I tried to fight, but my hands unbuttoned my pants… and that’s when I found out.. Kyle had really made it happen. My dick.. was gone! I wanted to reach all over, it had to be there… somehow… but instead, my hand slid between my legs… and I felt a wet, moist, smooth, mound… my finger began to work it, causing me to gasp for breath when I touched my clit for the first time, slid the tip of my middle finger between my pussy lips… and began to, against my will, masturbate the FEMALE vagina that Kyle had somehow forced on me and taken away my dick.

While I was forced to watch Kyle Josie and Nancy fuck and suck each other for an entire hour, things got horrible for me. Every few minutes Kyle would ask me how I was doing, and, obviously he’d done other shit to me with that fucking wishing foot of his, because instead of screams and cusses and the threats I wanted to say… instead, a high pitched, airheaded female voice came out of my mouth, and I’d start working my pussy faster, hating that it was feeling so good and this was turning me on…
“Oh… I like… don’t wanna’ watch my sexy girlfriend and slutty sis get to like, fuck your big hard cock… cuz I’m like, sposed to have a big cock too where my pussy is… and like I’m not a chick I’m a dude…” I moaned and whimpered like a phone sex operator as I slid two fingers into myself and Kyle laughed as he layed back and Nancy rode him like a cowgirl, her high, pert tits bouncing and her eyes rolling back in her head as she came on his cock over and over. Josie layed back and rubbed her big, sexy tits that I’d always gotten so turned on by and touched her own pussy, begging for her turn to fuck Kyle while he laughed. Every minute or two they’d change positions, torturing me with the lust and anger I felt… and, Kyle kept making more wishes… sealing my fate.
Suddenly they were doing a three way 69.
“I wish Ryan had a body to better match that pink little pussy”
Then they both leaned over doggystyle and he took turns fucking them while they screamed out with lust.
“I wish everyone would think Ryan was always a girl, and even though he knows the truth, he will now act like a female, think of herself as female, and do everything she can to live like a female. In fact, I wish that Ryan was a very promiscuous barbi girl party babe, who talks like an airhead and loves to fuck and suck cock.”
Now both girls worked his dick with their hands. Josie pressed her tits together and he slid his huge dick between them.
“Oh Josie, I do love your tits but… my dick is so huge I could use a slut with some bigger cock wrappers. I wish Ryan’s tits were one… no, I wish they were two sizes bigger than Josie’s… and that she never wears a bra, and anytime she see’s people looking at them or anyone talks about them, even though her male mind is humiliated, her female body gets turned on and horny.”
Kyle now had both girls against a wall, and was fucking them over and over, each of them having had at least ten orgasms. Kyle laughed, and asked me how I liked my new body and how it felt.
I looked down, my long brunette hair hanging all over my nude, smooth jiggling body. My gigantic tits (2 fucking cup sizes bigger than my girlfriends!) bounced and jiggled and my nipples stuck up like thimbles, but my fingers just worked my soaping wet, aching pussy.
“Go fuck yourself you sick freak! You can’t do this… I’m a man! You’ve changed me into a freak… a fucking chick with tits and a pussy! I’m not supposed… to .. I want my dick back!” I started screaming, almost delirious with fright… but stopped when I heard Kyle laughing and heard my bimbo baby voice changing my words…

“I’m fucking myself but I can’t do this… I need like, a man! I’m… I want… my big tits and my pussy… want a cock!”

Kyle made me stop just as I was finally about to cum. Then he leaned back, and made me dance for him and the girls while they slowly worked his dick and touched themselves. He made sure that I shook my gigantic ass and jiggled my tits… he even fucking wished that they were fuller and rounder and stuck up in the air like fake tits… now I have super sensitive double D boobs that would make a female superhero in a comic book jealous, round and high and bouncing constantly… and even worse… they fucking feel amazing to touch, and pinch… and have touched… and sucked.

I danced for about ten minutes… then, I tried to plead no… but… instead began begging to… suck Kyle’s huge, throbbing foot long cock.

“You? Shit you don’t know what your doing… but maybe… I wish…”

I’ve been on my hands and knees working Kyle’s dick with my tiny hands, my soft, pillowy wet lips and my huge, round, porn cartoon tits for almost forty minutes while my sister and girlfriend instruct me… telling me everything to do and, as Kyle wished, I have to do it. I gagged and cried and begged no at first, my male will somehow breaking free once… I realized what… was going to happen.

After twenty minutes of Josie and Nancy’s instructions, as well as giggles and comments (“Look how far that little slut is getting that dick down her throat!” or “Look how big those melon tits are on that bimbo! Every guy that see’s her is gonna want to cum all over those funbags!”, and more as humiliation and desire combined, and my body hummed for release as I worked Kyle’s cock, following everything the girls had said and, as Josie said as she spanked my big, round ass, “sucking dick like a born cock sucker.”

Kyle took my virginity an hour later, after wishing I was dressed as a school girl, while Josie and Nancy fucked each other with a two headed dildo and watched. Kyle then took each of us in turn for the rest of the night, and my body had more orgasms than ever in my entire life. Finally, after hours and hours of fucking, Kyle had us kneel before him, lift our tits in the air, and sprayed cum all over our chests and faces while we frigged our selves and moaned. That’s when he dropped the rabbit’s foot… and Josie caught it.

“Oh I wish I had Kyle’s cock right now! and I wish that my pussy got fucked like this every day.. ” She’d said, her actual words being translated by Kyle’s wishes to have her talk like a dumb slut… then she screamed and fell back. Kyle screamed out and fell back clutching his crotch and I dived for the rabbit’s foot, but my big tits threw me off balance. I crashed into Kyle and he fell back smacking his head. Josie screamed, looking at her crotch and threw the rabbit’s foot into the air… and it slid out the window.

two weeks later:

We never found it. Kyle’s huge dick… well, Josie, my former girlfriend has it between her legs now. Thanks to her last wish, Kyle has Josie’s female sex organs, and has to get fucked at least twenty times a day. Last I heard he was in some kind of specialty brothel in mexico.

I’m stuck in this horny body, talking like a bimbo and carrying around parade float tits that look like a porn star in anti gravity no matter what I wear… and… even though I’m a guy in side. I love to fuck and suck cock.

Lucky for me, my girfriend Josie has a big, hard twelve inch dick. I hate to admit it, but our sex life is way better than now than it ever was when I was a man and she was a woman.


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