“It’s so big, oh my gosh,” said Lee after he was changed into a blonde woman.

He was asked to suck off the magician backstage or never see his family again. He said Lee better pretend to enjoy it too, or bad things wouldn’t see them again. Lee tried his best to get into sucking this huge cock, and what he said was accurate. It was very big indeed.

Lee didn’t realize his family wasn’t even captured, they were safe at home, and that this magician just wanted to see what an ordinary guy would do in a situation like this. He was intrigued.

He told Lee his family was fine, and it was just a ruse. He also offered Lee a choice, stay with him as assistant chick for his shows, or go back to his family as he was before, a man. He said if he decided to stay, he would pay his family $10,000,000 so they would be well taken care of without him.

Lee wanted to see his family again, of course, but his new desires overwhelmed him so much, he had to stay!

“You can leave me like this, your cock is so big, oh my gosh, and I love it a lot. I want to be your woman now and always. Just give me bigger boobs so you can titty fuck me with that thing,” said Lee.

“Ok, we’ll call you Suzy Swallows, and I now make you a 32J. Enjoy those tits, I know I will,” said the magician, as he smiled.

“Suzy Swallows? Such a sexy name, and you are right I do swallow, you taste so good by the way. Ready to go again? Put it between these love pillows handsome, and when you’re done, cover my face,” said Suzy.

“My pleasure, Ms. Swallows, you will make an excellent assistant, and you can even assist me off stage as well as on!


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