Quick Karma

Ted and his buddy Jessie, liked to double team horny sluts. Ted was cheating on his girlfriend doing this however, but Jessie was single, so he as off the hook. Imagine Ted’s shock the next time he double teamed a girl, and suddenly he was holding his own cock but with a different hand, as he buddy Jessie rammed his new equipment! His girlfriend swapped Ted with the girl they were double teaming using magic. The girl was equally as shocked being a well hung huge hairy guy her former hand grabbing her new cock!

His girlfriend Gwen felt bad having the girl be a dude, but she had to get revenge on Ted. Later she would promise to find a spell to get the girl back to female somehow, but at the moment she only know of body swapping magic. She also thought what better revenge than to have Ted become the sex object he was cheating with, while he was having sex with her!

Gwen burst into the room, having had followed them to that girl’s house so she was close enough to see he was cheating, and to cast the spell and see the results.

Gwen explained vividly, “So Teddy, how does it feel to be the object of your cheating desires? It looks like you are fucked now! By the way, nice stockings bitch, get used to them, you’re a woman now for good! As for you in Ted’s body, I don’t even know your name, but I’m sorry but it had to be done, you see not Jessie here, but Ted here was cheating on me being with you. I don’t blame you, you didn’t probably know he even had a girlfriend, but he did, and it was me. I’ll find a way to get you back to womanhood again, it will just take me some time. As for you, Ted, I’m afraid you better get used to heavy boobs, periods, and guys hitting on you!”

All three stared dumbfounded, Jessie at is partners, then at Gwen, and Ted and the girl at their new bodies then to Gwen, speechless in shock! Ted kept grabbing his boobs and letting go, shocked at having these huge melons attached to him.


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