Not as Planned

I had always been annoyed by my best friend teasing me about my large breasts. It’s not like most girls would want C-cups like hers, but no, she always had to make fun of me for my huge double-Ds. So of course, when I learned about the trait swapping potion, I bought it immediately. Maybe she’ll like having boobs bigger than her head.
Later that night I slipped some of the potion into both of our drinks while we were hanging out, and the changes started almost immediately after our first sips. I was already down a cup size within moments, my breasts wobbling frantically with my every motion, no longer held in place by my too-large bra.
On the flip side Becky had gained a cup, and her bra was already threatening to give me a show. A few more minutes and…
Her bra burst, sending her tits smacking into her chest, wobbling as they settled into their new position.
“What’s going on?” she shouted grabbing at her newly expanded breasts.
“You always made fun of my big tits, so I decided to see how you liked them!” I pulled off my own shirt to show her my shrinking chest. I was maybe a B-cup at this point. Maybe.
Becky only laughed. “You think I don’t like having huge boobs? That’s why I always teased you about yours: I wanted them for myself!” She ran up to me and hugged me, her huge tits squashing into my almost flat ones. I frowned a bit as hers grew a bit more, sucking in what boobflesh I had left.
This did not go as I had planned.


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