Married To A Witch

Being married to a witch has its challenges. Maria explained this to me before we married, but I love her and agreed to the wedding anyway. She told me she came from a family of witches and she worked for the family business. I still, to this day, don’t know what the business is but she makes a lot of money and we live very comfortably. One of the first challenges came while Maria was pregnant with our first child. She needed to be gone for a while on business and said it wouldn’t be good for our unborn baby. Then she asked me to swap bodies with her until she got back. I was a bit hesitant at first, but I trust my wife and agreed. What followed were two of the oddest days of my life. To be in my beautiful wife’s body and to feel our child growing in my belly was both strange and exhilarating. I was almost sad when Maria returned and me swapped back. Maria and I swapped bodies several more times before our daughter was born, once for nearly a month, and I loved every minute. I feel the experience has made me closer to both my wife and my daughter. In due course, we began to talk about having another child. Our daughter was growing into a beautiful young witch and needed a sibling. One night my wife and I had a talk. Her business was requiring her to be away more and more. So instead of the two of us swapping whenever she had to leave, How would I like to bear our second child all the way from conception to birth? A million emotions went through my mind. Excitement, fear, joy, concern, love….I agreed immediately. Well here I am, 8 months pregnant. I’ve been Maria nearly a year (It took a few months for me to catch. We won’t get into that but I loved it!) and have a month to go. Will we swap back then? I don’t know and I really don’t care. Yes, being married to a witch has its challenges, but it has its perks too.


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