Put it back in!

You were taking a moment to have a quick wank in your underwear. Beating faster and faster, it felt more amazing than ever. As you came, it felt like it would never end; Like your whole being was flowing out of you. When suddenly there was a loud pop.

You looked down and your dick had fallen off!

In panic you reached down to grab it. That’s when you noticed the breasts… And the hair, the delicate hands, the curvy waist, the long legs. Even your underwear had changed. Slipping a hand underneath them, you felt the soft skin and then something impossible.

A vagina?

It happened so fast, you didn’t have time to really react. Looking back to your fallen dick, it had changed color. In fact, it looked like a dildo. All of this seemed surreal and impossible, and there was only one conclusion your frantic mind reached.

Maybe I just need to put it back in, then everything will be normal.

You crouch down, pushing aside the panties. The cool air hits your new lips and it sends a shudder up your spine. The thoughts and feelings flooding through you about what you have become and what you’re about to do make you feel warm. An unfamiliar leaky feeling comes from your crotch as you feel an itch inside yourself.

Still, you say, I just need to put it back in!

So you do. Grabbing your dildo dick, you put try to jam it back in. It glides in effortlessly a few inches and your eyes go wide with shock. The feeling is indescribable. You lose your balance suddenly and fall on your own sword, letting out an intense feminine gasp, oozing with pure pleasure.

You brace yourself against the floor. It’s all the way inside you, but you’re still like this. You put it back, but you aren’t you. Panic comes back, but it is mixed with a fiery lust in your loins that confuses you. You slowly rise up off the floor, and it feels so good. You can’t help it. You slam back down, buckling under the weight of your own alien arousal.

Up and down. Up and down you begin to bounce, a slave to this feeling. The thought of anything else becomes smaller and smaller. You watch yourself do this as a pressure builds that drowns out the fear of your lost manhood. This is all that matters.

Suddenly feeling constricted, a hand wanders up to your chest. You realize that somehow you are wearing a bra now too, matching your panties. You squeeze the left one as you push down on the dildo, and it’s as if you’ve opened up a new circuit. Reaching behind, you fumble a bit but then suddenly the clasp pops free, and two luscious breasts spill out into the open air. You rise up off the dildo as you go to pinch the right nipple, causing you to slam back down again.

Gasping and moaning, you become lost in an oblivion of desire, with Your hands kneading your fleshy chest. Without thinking, your other hand goes to your new clit and caresses the swollen little lightning rod, sparking through your being. In the heat of the moment you learn what feels good, slowly circling the hood and increasing the speed and pressure. You close your eyes and revel in the beauty of this sensation. It is as if the circuit is complete.

You are ignited with passion, losing yourself. Something is coming. It’s just out of reach. Your whole body radiates as you continue to pump the dildo into you while furiously massaging your new parts. You feel radioactive, as if the waves coursing through your body are destroying the world around you as you know it. Then it happens.


Screaming out, you lose control as your body falls to the floor writhing. You feel muscles clamping down on the dildo still inside you to push it out, followed by a gush of fluid that expels from you. As you take sharp, shrill breaths your mind is reeling. The sudden emptiness prompts your hand to reach for your rapidly contracting pussy. You just hold it though, feelingly twitch as your hips buck against your hand. Your legs close around it and you lay there, panting and moaning as the aftershocks pass through your convulsing body.

You lay there for a while, glowing. You are cradled by a warm contentment. Eventually, you sit up, still breathing heavily. The dildo that was once your dick is beside you, slick with your lubricant. Picking it up, you look at and wonder. No longer feeling that sense of panic, you have a silly thought. It never occurred to you before.

Standing up, slowly since your legs are sore, you push the panties aside again with one hand. In the other, you’re turn the dildo around. Upon placing the other end on your mound, there’s a sudden sucking sound and you stagger backward, bracing yourself against the wall.

That’s when you realize… You’re you again. Checking your underwear confirms it. With your dick in your hand, you smirk and a new thought crosses your mind.

Maybe I can pull it back out.


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