Pull over

Oh God Frank! Its too late. I can feel it. My dick is gone and I can’t stop touching myself. That woman last night must have had that bimbo virus thingy and gave it to me. Fuck, I can’t stop touching myself and every bump in the road we hit makes me cum. Oh yeah. Hey, I don’t think we should to go to the hospital anymore, its too late for me, I’m all slut now. Just pull over for a minute, will ya? This car is too restrictive and I really need to get some air…and fuck a few people while I’m at it. I could really use some cock now that I don’t have one of myself. Hmm You could help me really break in this new body. I don’t think you’ll catch the virus just from fucking me…well maybe you will but its cool. I know you’ll like this too Frankie-poo. Like oh my god I just realized, if you fuck me and you do get the virus then we could both find like twice as many guys to fuck us.


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