The TG Institution

Now gentlemen, we have here subject B1782 formally known as Tim Mitchell. She prefers to called Tina now. This is an advanced case of TG magic where an ex-girlfriend decided she had had enough of Tim’s cheating ways and turned him into a female with an uncrushable desire for sex. For her own safety we have had to tie down to keep her from raping all of our staff who try to examine her. This yielded interesting results as her vitals started to drop. We discovered that as part of the spell cast on her would cause death if the body was not given near constant sexual stimulation. This poor man or um woman, will never be able to live a normal life.

Here at the TG Institution, we can reverse many forms of TG related transformations but for this one is irreversible despite our best efforts. We can only make her comfortable and keep her safe. One positive aspect is that she seems very happy as long as we keep fresh batteries in the vibrator and her needs are quite simple.

Take a good look men. You don’t want to end up as a sexy woman lost in lust driven thoughts, do you? Now moving on we have the bimbo virus ward to look at then and after that there is still the victims of succubi to look at before the tour is over.


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