Proving a theory

After all this time, she have done it. As Susan cotemplating the result of her five-years experimentation, she thought about how all began. She was a scientist, working on the gender change treatment. She have to test it but could’nt have the agreements for it. When she met Brian, he tried to flirt with her. But instead of refusing she saw an oportunity. The man has no relatives, the perfect subject for her experiment. She began a long time plan. Simulating to be attracted to him, she made him fall in love. More and more, she lead him into some submissive/dominant games . In three years, Brian, the really male and little macho man had become very submissive to his mistress. He was mentally ready for the next phase of her plan. Then she began an Hypno-therapy she have developped. The hypnosis was made to slowly change his body to adapt his already female mind. Her theory was that the body could reshape by himself just with the power of the mind. It was just a theory but after one year of intensive hypno-therapy, his body reshape into a fully founctional female body. The real miracle was she also have reproductive system like any woman. Proving her theory was right.

And there she was, petting the head of Brianna. She lying on her knees, only wearing black high heels, leting her mistress contemplate the goddess body she gave her. But now, Susan, though of what to do next. She hesitated to present the result of her research, risking to be arrested for it. But the more she though about it, the more it was clear that was not enough for them. Maybe she can go further, making herself a man and making Brianna pregnant. And with a that, they couldn’t contradict her genious. She already have developed a domminant behaviour with Brianna, she was ready to leave her sexy form behind her and becoming the alpha male she was inside. As she though about becoming a man, she realise she now have feelings for Brianna. She always simulating with Brian but now, her sexy body made her horny. She could’nt wait to have all she need to fuck her like a man. As Susan, put the headphone to began the inverse hypno therapy, she pass her finger in Brianna hairs and fall into hypnosis.


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