Posses mother

mmy used a possession spell to possess his mother’s body to cheat with his sister’s boyfriend, so they will stop teasing him and will start fighting each other.
Jimmy:”How does this look? and this?”-showing his ass-
Tom:”It’s… beautiful Mrs Jones, b..but I’m here because Carla, your daughter called me, where is she?”
Jimmy”Oh she’s not here I called you,and call me Lana I’m not a stranger to you right?”
Tom”And why did you call me?”
Jimmy” because she doesn’t deserve you, she a young stupid girl who doesn’t know what you really need, a real woman, and I know how you look at me that you think I’m hotter than her right?”
Tom:”Mrs smith… Lana I can’t. what will Carla think?”
Jimmy:”You’re not hers, I’m yours this body is yours, do what you want with it”
Jimmy”Come here big boy, touch my ass my boobs, fuck me like you never fucked anyone”


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