Promotion or Not?

Ted kept nagging his boss Ned for promotion. Finally his boss gave in one day.

“Ted, my boy, I have an opportunity for you for promotion. Come to my office at lunch, and we’ll take care of the details.”

Ted was elated, finally he was getting opportunity after all the hard working years he put in at the office. So, lunch time roles around, and Ted bolted into Ned’s office excited. The thing is, Ned was excited too, but in a different way!

Ned’s pants were down, and his huge erection was pointing in Ted’s direction!

Ted said, dumbfounded, “I’m not gay, Ned. What do you want me to do, suck that for a promotion? Are you kidding me right now? I can’t believe this.”

Ted was about to walk out, when he realized the door was locked.

“Where are you going Teddy? I thought you wanted promotion? Don’t worry I know you aren’t gay, and when you start on me, you won’t be gay either!”

“What is that supposed to mean, Ned? If I “start” on you, as you so eloquently put it, how would I not be gay? This is ridiculous. What are you going to do, lock me in here until I satisfy that… that thing of yours?! Are you kidding me right now? I’ve never had a gay though in my life,” Ted said, nearly yelling in desperation.

“Well, you’ll see in a few seconds here Teddy. You won’t be gay, you have to trust me,” said Ned smiling with evilness on his face.

Suddenly a beam came from the ceiling, and Ted was held in place. Then, in an instant, he was changed. He felt different right away, especially the weight on his chest, and the void between his legs. The beam let go, and he looked down to see a woman’s business outfit, complete with five inch platform pumps, and black stockings. His skirt was tight around his new wide hips and larger bottom. He felt his new chest, and then hiked up his skirt, reaching for his privates, when all he found was a slit and a clit.

“What did you, oh my voice, um, how did you do this to me? I’m a… a… CHICK! I’m a woman?! How is this possible. This is so weird. I look like a secretary! Is this what you meant about “starting” on you and not being gay? I’m going to be a chick and start on you? Is that it? I’m still me inside, there is no way I’m starting on you, even if I would be a straight woman doing it. This is utterly ridiculous,” said Ted now a woman.

Ned replied, “No, it’s udderly ridiculous, ha ha, get it? You have udders? Well, I thought it was funny. You can start on me now as a woman, and you won’t be gay doing it now. Dicks are for chicks right? We’ll your a chick, so have some dick. You want a promotion? This is what you will do. Got that, Ted, or should I call you Tessa, now? That would fit. Now get started.”

Ted looked at the cock, and was almost mesmerized with it?! What was that all about? He was getting new urges for cock now? It must be this female body Ned put him in. The more he stared at Ned and his huge cock, the more he wanted it! Soon he was on his nylon clad knees, sucking it!

“Good lady, take it all in. I like you way better this way. All your nagging for promotion before, that wasn’t what I wanted in an employee. Now you will get a promotion. You will “promote” sex here in the office, to me and my colleagues in upper management. You will be Tessa Cox, our new head secretary, who gives “head” as a secretary. Got that woman? You asked for promotion, you got it, just probably not how you could have ever imagined it, my sweat young lady. You’re new urges will help you in your new job, and no one will ever believe you were Ted. We created this new identity for you, and you will take it, or lose your job, and be without anything. Tessa Cox, has no assets or money at this time, so that would be bad. We have Ted as deceased, died from an accident outside the building driving drunk. We made it so the car blew up, and no way to find a body. You will be with us for a long time, Tessa Cox, and your name fits, you will be taking cocks, or as we could put it in secretary terms, DICKTATION! Enjoy your new sexy body, Ms. Cox, as you will enjoy our male bodies near you,” said Ned smiling with evilness again.

Ned flipped Tessa around hiking up her skirt, and took her from behind, going into her new vagina. Waves of pleasure hit the new Tessa, as she couldn’t help herself, she was taken with lust for Ned, and her sex drive was off the wall. She heard what he said, and realized it was true, and with her new desires, she couldn’t see leaving anyway. As Ned neared being finished, he pushed her off him, turned her around and came on her face, letting it drip down her glasses and nose and into her mouth. At that moment, Tessa knew life would never be the same.


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