Prolonged Love

Jake and Shelly had been together since they were both 18. They got married and they lived their lives full of passion, happiness, and energy. However, as they were approaching their 90th birthdays, they were afraid of one of them dying and the other living the rest of their life alone. Then, a woman approached both of them in their nursing home and told them that their bodies might die, but their spirit can live on forever if they stayed true with themselves. Jake and Shelly looked in each other’s eyes and said that they would always regret being apart. With this answer, the woman told them a possession spell that would allow them to gain the memories of the victim.
Though Jake and Shelly always wanted to be together, they wanted their next lives to be more exciting. So, they agreed to possess someone of the opposite gender to experience life as that gender. At their nursing home, they had several college students working. So, Jake and Shelly decided to possess two of them and meet up in a hotel to see who they would be for the rest of their lives. Shelly decide to become Nick Jones, a senior who wanted to become a full fledged doctor at some point in his life. She knew he came from money, which would be nice in the future. She possessed him at the end of his shift, feeling some regret at seeing her body lie lifeless. As she waited for Jake to come, Shelly decided to get used to her new body. Shortly thereafter, Shelly heard someone come in. “Jake, is that you?”, she said in her gruff voice. “Honey, it’s me. Why don’t you come and see me?” Shelly came out of the bathroom and saw Jake’s body, that of Brittany Shields. Shelly was speechless as Jake stood there in revealing clothing. “I see you like my body. Why don’t we celebrate our new youth?” said Jake as he happily ran towards Shelly. They made love that day, and never looked back.


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