The Saga of the Bisexual Witch Girlfriend

My girlfriend is a little weird she says she a witch and she is Bisexual. I didn’t believe in magic so the witch part was kooky but cool and since she really loves me I know she would not cheat on me with a man or a woman so we were happy I thought. One night I was cooking our dinner and she was talking to her new publisher. She found a publisher for her book series and he sent a 165K advance but she seemed troubled when she got off the phone. I asked “what is wrong” she answered ” he says if I was a guy writer my book would sell a lot more and he says I ought to use some man for my cover picture and bio.” I saw she was really upset so I asked if I could help thinking she might use me if she knew I was willing to pose as her. She asked ” what are you willing to do?” I answered anything. She then went to the old safe she had in her bedroom and brought back a thin metal ring with a hinge in the middle. She looked at me and said ‘this is the magic collar of Ur and it makes the wearer under the complete control of the owner do you love me and will you do all I ask and wear the collar”. “Baby I agree but magic is not real but yes I will wear it” I said. She called me to the mirror and said ” Stand here ” and she clicked it on and it immediately disappeared. I said “What!” She smiled at me knowing and said ” We are both naked” our clothes vanished. She went to the bed room and laid down and said ” ignore everything but making ready for sex”. I went to it I rubbed, her kissed her, and ate her till she pulled me up while I still finger fucked her and she looked me in my eyes and said ” your were an only child I know but if you had a little sister born in 1996 change into her” Still intent on fingering her I knew that I was changing I shrank very small like my mom and my cock spread and inverted into a mound and my balls crept up and I felt the move in my abdomen. She then pull me up to kiss her and I sensed she was much larger and stronger than me now. To be continued


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