Pregnancy game

“That’s not fair!” he shouted at the judge. “But I won! You just said that I proved that I was more of a man than he is! Shouldn’t he be the one to become woman and get pregnant?” and his fingers pointed stiff toward me.

Well, it was obvious from the beginning. He was bigger and more muscular than I was, and his chiseled chins and stout beards immediately made me realize how pathetic of an opponent I was in the pregnancy game. Of course in this State-mandated program to fight back population decline (by making half the male population also reproduce through gender-bending), I knew I had little chance but not by this margin. He probably didn’t even needed to run twice as fast than I did and lift tremendous amounts of dumbbells and display his huge manhood to prove his superior masculinity to that of mine. So, when the judge of the pregnancy game told us that my opponent is to become feminized and to be impregnated by me, we were both in shock.

The judge didn’t seem to be surprised at the man’s protest. “First timers, huh?” and gave out a sigh. “You see, ever heard of clown fish? When females are absent in their population, it is the strongest male that turns into female to reproduce; we apply the same logic here. More masculine man tends to genderbend into more fertile woman. Please.”

“What…? But I…!” my opponent yet voiced his opposition again, but was interrupted by the judge.

“Sir,” the judge spoke to me, “you proceed to the chamber to the right. You will be administered with State-approved aphrodisiac and sex potency drugs.”

“And you,” said the judge to the other man, “Ma’am, will proceed to the chamber to the left. They’ll permanently change your gender into woman, and you’ll have to bear State designated number of children, depending on your fertility and sex health after your gender has been corrected.”

The man approached to the judge, but the judge pressed a button on his desk. A red light came into the camera above them, and the man fearing the consequences backed out. No idiot would put a fight against the state troopers. When the man got away, the red light went out. Although his face was red with frustration and anger, the man walked into his designated chamber without any more word.

Hmm. Oh. Holy shit! Ohhhhh! Did that just happen? I couldn’t believe it. I heard what would happen to the genderbent women; they will undergo a psychotherapy to become an obedient woman, whose purpose has been reprogrammed to perform best sex to her partners. I thought I was going to become one of those sex slave but instead I was going to get one!

In the chamber to the right, I was given two pills; a blue pill and a purple pill. One to increase my sex drive and one to increase my sex potency. I was elated and didn’t really care about consuming strange drugs. While the drug was kicking in, a video came up–which is used to take my time while genderbending therapy is going on on the other side–that explained my duty as the citizen of the State to reproduce. After a long and boring video, I proceed to the next chamber.

A beautiful woman, whose identity I can barely guess from her hair colors, was laying on the bed ass naked saved for a pair of silk stockings. It was as if his previous masculinity was directly converted to femininity. I approached her, and she was begging for me to thrust my aroused penis into her. I obliged. While she let out a long moan, she collected herself and said:

“I am required by the law to inform you… that I am to reproduce twenty-five children. 25! Can you believe it?” Well, that sure was a huge number for a number of kids she was going to have. She must have reached the top of the graph of the fertility ratings. “So let’s start quick. We got a lot to go. Come on!”

“Well, quite a quick to change your mind, my man?” I asked. Somewhat mockingly. Just some minutes ago she was resisting the decision but now she was begging for it. I found it odd.

“You’re the one in the dark,” she said, “You will never know the true pleasure that is reserved for women.”

Hmm, must be one of the brainwashing lines. But I decided to not care about it. In fact, we’ve got a lot to go.


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