Randall couldn’t believe this had actually worked. He’d been on winter break and was extremely bored. It was times like these that he wished he had a girlfriend. So he did what he usually did when he was bored and surfed the web. He was just sitting back watching the 28 youtube video in a row when an colorful add popped up. Randall usually instantly closed adds without even reading much of it but the ironic phrase that was bolded caught his eye. It read, “ARE YOU BORED? WANT SOME EXCITEMENT IN YOUR LIFE? IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU THEN JUST THINK ABOUT THE SINGLE MOST PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO YOU’D LIKE TO GET CLOSE TO AND THEN CLICK ON “GO!” Randall laughed at the add but he figured why not. What harm could it do? Randall didn’t even have to think about it. The person he’d want to be closest to would be Jessica Adams in his english class. She was so beautiful and popular. Randall filled his mind completly with thoughts of Jessica and then clicked “GO!”

A huge flash of light filled the room and Randall covered his eyes but then a weird feeling overtook him and he felt like he was floating. He was floating! He looked down and saw his body still in the computer chair with a glossy look in its eyes; yet his conscious soul was floating away. His soul flew far and fast over houses and a lake until it flew down into another little house. His soul flew in through the window and right into Jessica! Randall opened his eyes and insantly felt different. He looked down and screamed! He saw a pretty girls body wearing a pink floral dress. The scream he had let out was high and girlish. Randall ran to a mirror and realized he was inside Jessica’s body. The add had actually worked! A large smile curled itself onto Randall’s, technically Jessica’s face. Randall easily slipped Jessica’s body out of the dress until she was wearing just her underwear. He then grabbed her phone off her bed and started snapping pictures of herself in her mirror and sending the pictures to his own phone. Randall laughed, he was going to have some fun with this add…


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