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Becoming Closer

Billy’s best friend Shannon had suggested a little game for the two of them this weekend. He had known about her magic powers for a long time and she talked to him after school friday about an interesting spell. She suggested that since they were best friends an interesting way for the two of them to get closer would be to switch bodies for the whole weekend to see what it was like in each others shoes. Billy accepted her offer to Shannon’s excitement. She cast the spell and Billy instantly saw his own face staring back at him. “It worked!”” Shannon cried out from within his body. “”Have fun this weekend!”” Shannon said as Billy’s body climbed into his car and drove away. Later that night Billy was enjoying his time in her body, He was listening to the music on her I-Pod that he secretly loved but was always to afraid to listen to as a guy. “”This was gonna be an awesome weekend,”” Billy thought as he looked down at his best friends gorgeous body.”


While it was true that he had taken some drugs a girl offered him, Steve did not think that things were going to turn out this strangely. After a night of crazy raving, the obsessive party boy woke up looking like this. He had no idea where he was, no idea how he’d gotten there, he had blue and purple hair now not to mention boobs, and a suspicious pain in his butt. What had happened last night??


Brenda had by far the nicest boobs in the class. But to all of the boys distress she, unlike every other girl in class, didn’t try to show her possessions off. They weren’t sure if it was because she didn’t know how great a rack she had, or if she did know and just enjoyed making every guy in class dream of what they looked like. Finally, they had had enough and one guy took a stand. He’d been working on a machine that could send someone’s mind into another’s body and control them. With all of the other guys in class waiting anxiously he used the machine on himself. When he opened his eyes he could barely see. What had gone wrong?! Wait a minute, the reason he couldn’t see was because there was hair in front of his eyes! He suddenly had long hair! The boy looked down at the possessed girl he now controlled and led her body back to his lab. All the others shook with anticipation as the “girl”” walked into the room. Then she started to unbutton her shirt revealing the delicious cleavage they had all been waiting to behold.”

Beanies and Redheads

Justin had resolved in his mind a while back that there were two things that he really really loved. Beanies and Redheads. He was determined to find a redhead that liked Beanies as much as he did. Unfortunetly for him, his friend Sarah didn’t enjoy being ignored because she was neither. “If you like them so much let’s see how much you’d enjoy being one!”” With a snap of her fingers Sarah transformed Justin into this bombshell. Justina let out a yelp of surprise while Sarah just laughed. Then Sarah stopped laughing. Justina was blowing kisses at herself in the mirror and feeling up her body. Justina began to laugh and cheer while Sarah just stared open mouthed. “”Thanks Sarah!”” Justina said as she lifted Sarah with a big hug. “”Best gift ever!!”” Then Justina ran away laughing and jumping for joy. Sarah just stared as the brand new girl ran, “”Dammit,”” She muttered.”


Randall couldn’t believe this had actually worked. He’d been on winter break and was extremely bored. It was times like these that he wished he had a girlfriend. So he did what he usually did when he was bored and surfed the web. He was just sitting back watching the 28 youtube video in a row when an colorful add popped up. Randall usually instantly closed adds without even reading much of it but the ironic phrase that was bolded caught his eye. It read, “ARE YOU BORED? WANT SOME EXCITEMENT IN YOUR LIFE? IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU THEN JUST THINK ABOUT THE SINGLE MOST PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO YOU’D LIKE TO GET CLOSE TO AND THEN CLICK ON “GO!” Randall laughed at the add but he figured why not. What harm could it do? Randall didn’t even have to think about it. The person he’d want to be closest to would be Jessica Adams in his english class. She was so beautiful and popular. Randall filled his mind completly with thoughts of Jessica and then clicked “GO!” Read more

Hey Guys!!!

Hey guys this picture this time won’t actually have a caption. Sorry. To be honest I just wanted to get my name out their and introduce myself. I have already read a lot of the captions on here and seen some amazing talent. I just want to thank the people who made this site because I think it is a GENIUS idea and I believe it will go far. K, I’ll keep this short and sweet. I made 4 captions to start off tonight and had this last picture to introduce my chosen profile pic. Yes I know it is just one of the pics right here on the site but I just thought this girl was so cute that I couldn’t resist. Anyways, if you like the captions I’ve made so far please “Like” me and I will surely be making many more captions in the future. Thanx!!! 🙂


The guy was always the more submissive one in their relationship. And she knew it, even took advantage of it. She kept having him, “do favors” for her like growing his hair out and playing dress up games with her. This is the couple 4 months later. He is licking her boob just like she comanded him too. As far as his submissive personality goes at least, nothing has changed between these two.


For a long time Michael thought he was the most popular kid in school. He played soccer, he was president of student council, and he had the lead in the school play. Michael had a very big head and would often make fun of less popular students. His main targets were goth kids. Finally he went to far bullying one goth kid named Zach and the goth boy decided to get revenge. Magic ran in Zach’s family and that night he cast a spell on the jock that humiliated him. The next day at school there was a beautiful new goth girl in school named Michelle and Michael was nowhere to be found. The new girl, Michelle, was drooling over Zach and without even trying to hide what she was saying from other people in the halls she was begging for Zach to take her to a bathroom stall and fuck her. Zach just laughed as everyone stood shocked at Zach’s new girlfriend. Only Zach would ever know the truth.


Michael was the new kid in the summer school class. For his entire life Michael had been a major jerk to females. He had always been taught by his femaleless family that females were the weaker sex and they were good for nothing but cooking, cleaning, and sex. When Michael when into his tough new class with that attitude it was not long before some girls got annoyed and taught Michael a lesson. After class one day they knocked the boy out and kidnapped him. I won’t go into detail but let’s just say that Michelle (The one sitting down.) has a much more interesting time these days in her summer Sex Education class…


You are a twin. You are a 17 year old boy with shaggy blonde hair. Your twins name is Carly and she is the same height, has the same colored hair, and has quite a similar face to yours so it is not hard to tell the two of you are twins. You have always been a bit jealous of your twin though. She was always the pretty one and the one that people liked more. She was the outgoing cheerleading captain while you were just a benchwarmer on the basketball team. Despite your attempts at being manly you had always fantasized about being your sister instead. Being pretty and popular and being able to wear that cute cheerleading skirt was your dream. One day you finally decided to indulge in your fantasy and you snuck into your sisters room and tried on her cheerleading outfit. You were having fun posing in front of the mirror when you heard, “That looks good on you sweetie.” You practically jumped out of your skin and turned to see your twin smiling at you. “I think you need more to really sell the image though honey. Don’t worry, I’ll really make you into my twin.” For the next 2 hours your sister works on making you beautiful. She helps you shave your entire body besides your head and then has you use certain soaps to smell lovely and girly. Then she gives you a new set of her clothes. First cute pink panties that make you blush as she slides them up your legs, a black padded bra, a white shirt, and jean shorts. Then she straightens your hair and puts a ton of makeup on your face. After she is done with your lipstick she steps back and says, “All done, take a look.” She gestures to the mirror. Nervously you step in front of it and gasp. You see your sister in the mirror! But it is you! “Wow we had more potential to really be twins then I thought. You look great sis!” You smile and realize that this may be the start to something wonderful.