Poor planning

Upon learning I was a warlock when I turned 18, I quickly learned about the power of sex, or more specifically, the power of male cum. It seemed like I needed to be touching cum with my fingers to make any of my spells work, and if it got stale it wouldn’t work. This made some things, like making my dick bigger, easy. Other things, like getting revenge on Betty, who posted online what a loser I was after she shot me down for homecoming, were harder. I had to slip off during homeroom and beat off to get some. Still splashed inside my pants, I grinned when I ran into Betty in the hallway and turned her into a mouse. I couldn’t help but laugh as I saw her flee terrified down the hall.

I got my revenge on a few more people, always trying to avoid suspicion. It wasn’t easy. I ended up actually shrinking my dick and making it go off on a hair trigger to make getting access to cum easier. After turning Mitch, the jock who used to beat me up, into a bitch, and a few others, I felt like I’d gotten back at everyone who’d messed with me.

Then I started to get curious. I mean, I still couldn’t get a date to prom. I didn’t think it was right to turn a girl into a pig or something just for saying no politely. But what if I wasn’t looking for a girl? What if I was the girl? The day before prom my buddy Thomas didn’t have a date either. I told him I had a hot friend from out of town I knew who’d want to go with him, and I’d tell her to give him a call later.

Only after I felt my boobs grow in did I look down and really think about what I’d done. My cock and balls vanished into a wet looking slit. I suddenly realized I was cut off from the source of my magic power!

Then I remembered Thomas and my plan. His cum would work, right? I called him up and told him my name was Jane and that I’d be happy to go to prom with him.

Fortunately my parents were out of town. I stole my moms credit card and bought myself everything I’d need to go to prom as a girl. Thomas came and picked me up and had a little corsage for me. I smiled and felt weird inside when he looked at me. He’d rented a limo and we both headed off. It had cost him a fortune, but he didn’t care, his parents were rich.

I actually had a lot of fun dancing with Thomas. The evening started to wind down to a close and he told me he’d rented a hotel room. The weird butterflies in my stomach hadn’t gone away, and I tried to remember the plan as I agreed to go with him.

We got there, we started making out, we stripped, and now I’m sucking on his cock. I love the look on his face as he is about to cum. His cock suddenly twitched and I instinctively swallowed. I suddenly remembered I needed that cum to turn myself back into a man, but then I saw him smiling down at me and I realize the night is still young. I wanted to know what it was like to get fucked.

After the most wildly enjoyable night of my life, I woke Thomas up with a hand job. He didn’t complain, but he would have if he knew my new plan. Fun as it had been being the chick, I wanted to get laid now. I wanted the hot chick to suck my cock. I’d turn myself back and turn Thomas into the girl. I’d make her super cute and super horny. It would be great.

Thomas came all over my hand and I tried to summon the magic to change him and me. Nothing happened. A pit opened up in my stomach and I tried to summon the power again. I put my mouth on his limp dick and started sucking frantically. I needed more cum for the magic! That was the problem!

He chuckled and stroked my head. He said I was the most incredible girl he’d ever met, but there were limits on his performance. I gave up and he started to eat me out to return the favor. I felt lost and barely noticed him until I came suddenly.

Turns out, it wasn’t male cum that was the source of my power as a warlock. It had been MY cum. Now I’m stuck as Jane, Thomas’s slutty new girlfriend. I claimed I was an illegal alien the next day and Thomas agreed to use his family’s money and influence to get me a new ID. All in exchange for sucking his cock whenever he asked.

It’s been six months that I’ve been waiting on the new ID. Six months as basically living as a prisoner in Thomas house. Six months of basically being his sex slave. This isn’t the worst way this could have ended, but I still dream of the day when I’ll be able to leave here and be a person again.


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