Gwen pointed at her boyfriend, who was now a sexy redhead, in a burgundy flared dress, and patterned black pantyhose, with suede maroon pumps, perching up two cute little feet. She was shocked how fast the spell changed her boyfriend Brent into who she now called Brandi.

Gwen meanwhile, was just starting to change, her clothes becoming more masculine, as she was becoming a dark haired, tanned dude! They volunteered with each other to use a spell to change sexes to see how the other half lives. Perhaps the spell worked more quickly on Brent as he was the one that casted it from the old book from his basement he brought upstairs.

The new Brandi should get used to heels as nether of them realized the spell was a “one way trip” so to speak, and they were both going to be their new genders permanently! Later when they realized they couldn’t change back, they were shocked, but realized they would just have to get used to their new forms.

Brandi seemed to be getting used to it more easily, as she was already trying to get Gwen, now Glen, to pull down his pants for a BJ!


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