Pillow Talk

Juan took two pillows and tried to smother his girlfriend while she was sleeping on their bed. They had many fights, and now he was resorting to murder. Little did Juan know, Dana, had a protection spell on her from her grandma. As soon as he attempted to smoother her, the two pillows got a life of their own, crawled to Jaun’s chest, and settled in near his pecs, as they changed color to match his skin tone! Then they filled with breast material, as nipples formed on the ends, and Juan feel back on the bed next to his sleeping girlfriend, now with tits four times as large as hers!

The rest of his body changed to match those tits as well, but he was noticing the pillows turned boobs more than the rest. The shock on his new face says it all, as he reaches his crotch with his new delicate long nailed hands, and touches his new clitoris, and vaginal lips! Then “his” girlfriend woke up.

“Who the hell are you, and why are you naked in my bed,” asked Dana.

Juan replied in his new female voice, “I’m Juan! I’m your boyfriend, something happened to me. I had two pillows and they became these… these… huge things on my chest. I turned into a woman, you have to believe me.”

Once Dana heard his story, she did believe him, knowing her grandma’s spells had profound effects on people at times. She was just curious what triggered this huge change as she only had a protection spell on her, nothing would have happened to Juan if he hadn’t tried to hurt her in some way.

“So Juan, what were you really trying to do with those pillows,” said Dana frowning.

“I… I… was just getting them to go to sleep on,” said Juan, sweating a bit and unable to look Dana in the eye.

“I don’t believe you Juan, I bet you were trying to maybe smother me with those pillows turned boobs you now have? Is that it? Our relationship is that bad, you are willing to kill me in my sleep? You got what you deserved then, I had a protection spell on me from my grandma, and you know what she is capable of,” said Dana.

“You have to believe me, I wouldn’t… just have her change me back, you have to help me,” said Juan.

“Now why would I do that? You tried to kill me, I know it, or the spell wouldn’t have worked, why should I have you turned back so you can try to kill me again,” asked Dana.

“I… OK I admit it, I tried to kill you. I couldn’t bare the constant arguments, you were driving me insane, I was angry, you have to believe me, I wouldn’t have gone through with it all the way, I was just angry, I would have stopped,” said Juan desperate now.

“I have to admit that you are staying like this the rest of your life, I hope you enjoy your huge boobs. When you look at them, you can think how they once were pillows you tried to strangle me with. You get what you deserve, Juan, and I’m leaving you. You can’t hurt anyone else like that, or it would be really hard for you to now. Have a nice life, Juanita! I’m gone,” said the hurt Dana, tears rolling down her cute cheeks.

With that Juan, or as she called him Juanita now, was left to HER new life as a busty latina who would have a hard time ever abusing or trying to hurt any woman again, as she was on equal grounds with them now, a woman herself!


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