More Than Best Friends

I had made a few friends at the expectant mothers group, and a few of them seemed very fun and open minded. So I had invited them over for drinks. After a few drinks they were asking for me to share the story of how I had met my husband. “You won’t believe me if I told you the truth” I had told them. “Oh come on Annie it can’t be that far fetched”

“Well, the story is…magical… ok let’s start at the beginning, please don’t interrupt until the end ladies”

“Rick and I have been good friends since elementary school. Growing up we did everything together, and went to the same college together. We even double dated some cute girls occasionally…because at the time I was a man.”

The both looked at me in shock “No way…thats not possible.”

“Well, one night at a bar, Rick’s girlfriend had just broken up with him. In support I had told him ‘I would do anything to help you’, little did I know that Rick was involved in some weird new technological research…so when he asked me ‘Anything?’ I told him ‘Of course’….he pulled out a vial and put it in my drink. I found out later on that these were called nanites, and that they were designed to turn whoever ingested them into Rick’s dream girl…he had planned on using it on his ex…but in this setting, he realized he could have his best friend and dream girl all in one”

The girls still looked shock at me, but nodded along as I kept going.

“To say that I was shocked was putting it lightly, but the nanites were also programmed to change my mind and help me to be mentally prepared to be a housewife and mother, so after a few minutes, I was suddenly ok with it. And as I looked at Rick, I realized how handsome and amazing he was. And over the course of the next few days Rick and I fucked like bunnies. Let me tell you…Rick was amazing in bed and my new gorgeous body enjoyed each orgasm he gave me.”

“I did always think Rick looked like he would be good in bed” the one girl said. “He is quite handsome, you are lucky” the other said.

“Well, we weren’t using birth control. So, I got pregnant. Rick married me discretely, and created a whole new identity for me…Annie, his gorgeous housewife. It’s hard to believe its only been 9 months since the change- but I hardly remember my old life. I love being a wife, and I can’t wait to be a mom. Plus I’m tired of this belly getting in the way during sex.”

The girls both giggled at that. “Well Annie, that is quite the tall tale. But it’s April 1st so I’m calling your bluff.”

Annie just giggled to herself and said “Well I’ll let you believe whatever you like ladies. But I swear its the truth. I married my best friend. Either way I’m glad to have made some new friends with other expecting moms.


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