Perils of Alcohol

Tyler had been single for a long time and hated it. One night he went to a party with some friends and got really drunk. Then he started hitting on every girl he saw. Towards the end of the night one of the girls with a big rack who he wouldn’t stop pestering him confronted him.

“Leave me alone you little pervert!” She shouted.

“Comeon-” Tyler slurred, “I’m just wanna touch big boobies and be inna BJ, ok? It’s not so much.”

The woman’s eyes gleamed and Tyler blacked out.

When he came to he was holding a large pair of breasts and there was something warm on his skin. He had a weird taste in his mouth as well. Still feeling pretty drunk he opened his eyes and looked up at a man pointing his cock at him. He realized he could feel his own hands on the breasts and looked down to see a man’s cum splattered across them. Part of him wanted to freak out, but he couldn’t.

“Damn she’d good.” The man said and turned to another woman in the room. The same woman Tyler had been harassing at the end of the party, “And you say she was a man and asked for this?”

“Sure did, you know witches can’t lie.” The woman said with a smirk.

Tyler wanted to complain, but instead all that came out of his mouth was a soft feminine moan.

“I think she wants more.” The woman said and giggled.

“Let me go get one of my frat brothers.” The man said as he zipped up his fly and left the room.

Tyler looked at the girl and wanted to confront her, but found he couldn’t speak. Hell, he couldn’t even let go of his breasts.

“Yeah you got kind of limited options on what you can do now.” The woman said, “Don’t worry, I’m sure the Kappa Phi’s will take good care of you. I party with them every now and then, so maybe I’ll see you again in a month or two.” She said and left.

Tyler wanted to complain or cry or run or scream, but then another man entered. He opened his fly and pulled out his hard cock. Suddenly it was all Tyler wanted. He opened his mouth and felt some drool drip down onto his boobs. The man didn’t hesitate and walked over and started fucking Tyler’s face. It was gonna be a fun couple of months for the Kappa Phi’s.


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