Hannah Red Letter

Harold had invented a machine that would transform those who used it, into super heroes. It took aspects of them and made a decision on how to proceed. Harold’s friends Heath, Jake, and Jonathon, were all there to try it. Heath became a burly muscle dude, who could move fast, and throw or plow through anything, his new name Heath Hurls. Jake became a muscular, yet thin dude, who could move so fast, he could do a days work in two minutes. His new name, Jake Jolt. Jonathon, came out of the machine, as a tall muscular guy, who could jump high and fly, and also the power to shield himself from any danger, with his new name being Jonathon Jump.

Harold, went into the machine expecting similar results, but was in for a shock. He came out with long red hair, and torpedo sized boobs pushing against a tight latex uniform. He could feel his crotch was flat, the latex pushing against his new curves and pussy as well. He discovered his powers involved moving and stretching into all sorts of ways, his boobs tingled when danger was near, and he had a glowing he could do that would blast that danger when needed. He was stunned to be so feminine, and the boobs were simply huge. His friend Heath named him, Hannah Red Letter, because it would be a “red letter” date when anyone messed with her danger stopping abilities.

Hannah looked in the mirror, and was shocked to see such a beautiful woman with such huge boobs, and large curves. The outfit felt skin tight as it was, but felt almost pleasing against her new softer skin. Her friends all liked the changes, and she had to smack Jonathon as he tried to feel on of her new assets! They would be the Dynamic Quad, four superheroes who began in a lab. Hannah realized there was no way to change back, as the machine only did one change, and further use would do nothing. She would have to be the woman of the group, and deal with her horny friends accordingly. What surprised her later was, her friends were starting to look very enticing!


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