Perfect revenge

“I’m telling you, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were with her,” said Jake. He rambled on and on with the excuses. It was very clear that Jake just wanted Peter to leave. Jake, a known womanizer in the campus, had slept with Peter’s now ex-girlfriend Hannah, which caused their breakup. And rumor has it that Jake is now Hannah’s new boyfriend. Jake brought his grudge on Jake, because he wanted to deny that Hannah simply did not love him anymore. In his closed mind, Jake was at fault.

“…so she came with her friend, with some martinis in their hand…” Jake kept describing his first meeing with Hannah, as if that would make some consolation to Peter. Peter had other thought in his mind.

“Jake, I got it I got it. I was just kinda upset about my break up. No reason to hate you for Hannah being a cheater.” Peter interrupted Jake’s excuses.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m… yeah. Yeah. So, Peter, no hard feelings?” Jake asked, twirling his blonde hair around. Then offered to shake Peter’s hands. He was visibly nervous and made it obvious he wanted to get this over with. However, Peter just knew Jake too well. Peter firmly grasped Jake’s hands and said:

“Yeah, no hard feelings. So, hey, Jake, want to drink at my place? Make sure we are in good terms. The thing is, I bought some whiskeys–because movies told me that’s what the man with broken heart would drink–but I couldn’t bare the burn. I can’t drink those, but it’d be shame if I had to dump them away; they’re expensive, you know! So, help me with getting rid of those maybe?” Peter suggested. Which was an elaborate trap… but Jake could not resist the temptation of free liquors.

They both headed back to Peter’s apartment, where he lived alone ever since Hannah left Peter. The room was clean and organized unlike Jake’s expectations. As Jake sat on the dining table, Peter brought two items: A half-empty bottle of whiskey bottle and a class of beer. Peter has already gave a false premise why the whiskey bottle would be already opened and half empty and also why he wouldn’t be drinking that bottle filled with the feminizing magic potion.

The whiskey bottle had a popular brand labels with similar color for deception; Jake, unsuspecting Peter’s ill scheme, gladly received the glass of potion and drank up. The taste was indistinguishable from usual
alcoholic drinks. While Peter was enjoying his cold beer at the sight of his victim, Jake felt a severe headache.

“Damn, Peter. You were kinda right. This boy sure is strong. I thought I built up tolerances to alcohols, but I’m only into second glass but already feeling hangovers, man. Heh.” Jake was amused with himself. But he soon fell unconsciousness and dropped cold on the floor.

When Jake awoke, he was taken aback by the sight of naked Peter humping against his–or her–body. Jake was laid on the couch, with his hands tied together bound to the couch leg, with his legs spread apart, and with Peter thrusting his penis into his…. his… vagina? At this moment Jake noticed that his hair was touching his armpit, and his body was thinner and smaller than he ever remembered. Jake was terrified and confused. What just had happened?

“Well, I suppose it’s time you woke up.” Peter spoke. “What you drank was none other than my special brew of potion. Feminizing potion. Anyone who drinks it is to become my sex partner, simple enough, huh?”

Jake wanted to resist and break free of his bindings. But the sensation in her new vagina was too much. Jake was having a mild orgasm as woman by Peter’s repeated piston work. Jake couldn’t move her body other than shaking in joy. And whenever Jake shifted his sight to Peter, Jake couldn’t help but feel her heart race faster. But she did manged to utter: “Set me free!”

“I don’t think so, pal. While you were transforming, I nearly drowned you in a bath of love potion. Every part of your body want me.” Peter explained. And it was true. Jake’s new feminine body was craving for Peter’s caressing and thrusting. As Jake shuddered and twisted and humped according to Peter’s movements, she was transforming into his slave against her will. Not that she could have done anything to hold her tide of female orgasm.

And it was perfect revenge; Peter would let Hannah know what it feels like to get her lover stolen away.


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