Pay Up!

“It worked!” I shouted, bounding back into Stacy’s room. Neither of us had really expected me to succeed, but sure enough my transformation was far more convincing than Stacy had initially expected. Only minutes ago, she bet me that my skills as a shapeshifter weren’t good enough to fool her friends — she happened to be throwing a costume party downstairs, so it was the perfect place to put my ability to the test. It was risky though, and pushing my powers beyond anything I had ever attempted before, so I insisted on raising the stakes for our little wager.

So donning a perfect copy of her image — black skin-tight costume and all — I mingled with her guests for five straight minutes. I was so excited to bound back upstairs and let her know I had passed her silly mission.

“Fuck,” was all Stacy sighed as she stared up at my confident strutting. She knew what this meant; because I had won, now she had to make out with me… while I was still wearing her body!


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