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White inferiority

“I’m sorry for being a racist bitch master.” Juliet whimpered looking up at her latest client.
“Shut up bitch or you don’t get my cock.”
“Sorry master.” She sucked the tip titfucking him.
Juliet seemed perfect for her life, as if she was born to it and in a way she was.
Jonathan was a racist, swastika tattoo, constant comments and complaints about anyone not ‘white’, though his definition of white was pretty strict. At first I was meant to help him in a more traditional way, but even I got annoyed after the tattoo. The final straw was when he called me to bail him out after a fight, I won’t repeat the term he used to describe the others in the fight but it wasn’t remotely kind, and so I brought him back to him place.
“This place is a shit hole.” Were the last words he ever said.
I knew his family wanted nothing to do with him, so I could work freely, no cover up or loose ends. First I got my own fun making him a dumb little asian chick, all giggles and obedience to repay me for the bail, then I started making Juliet. The first thing I knew she’d need a big booty and a huge rake to match, then some big lips and a Mediterranean complexion, next was rewiring her brain, making her love sex and use it to make up for her racist past. Now I pimp her out to any guy she would have hated as Jonathan.

Out of Control

ENGAGED. One little word sent my life spinning out of control. My best friend since I was five and high school crush, Melissa, had gotten engaged to the high school quarterback Jerome. I tried to hide my devastation as she told me giddily that night. I knew I had been friend-zoned a long time ago, Melissa often told me I was her best friend and that she “thought of me as one of her girlfriends who she could share anything with”. I hadn’t known how to get out of the friend zone but now it was too late anyway. I was resolved not to go to the wedding, I couldn’t sit there like I didn’t have feelings for her. Then she showed up a few weeks later with a present for me. I was totally thrown off by this but opened it. “Will you do me the honor of being my Maid of Honor” the card read with glitter and sequins glued all over it. I was so confused but Melissa told me to look through the box. I looked and to my horror there was a bra and thong panties inside. I held them up confused, “Those are for after silly.” she said laughing. Then she pulled a bottle out of the box “drink this”
“Why?” I asked
“Don’t you trust me?” she asked. Something about the way she said it made me delusional for a minute, the bra and thong comment got my head all frazzled and for a moment I let myself fantasize that somehow drinking this would lead to us making love as I had imagined so many times. I opened the bottle and downed the drink. Well as you might have guessed the potion didn’t lead to me fucking Melissa instead it turned me into a girl. Upon closer inspection the bra and panties said maid of honor on them and they were a gift for my accepting the role in Melissa’s upcoming wedding. The potion was supposed to last until about a week after the wedding and since I was already stuck as a girl I decided to just go with the flow and maybe I could sabotage the wedding. Read more

Whole New Experience

You see I used to be one of those brothers that had a big dick and liked using it. But after the great shift I was no longer a brother but a sister. And well to be honest I really thought that only black guys had big dicks, but after a few truly disappointing goes of it, I found myself open to new experiences. And I could never be happier with my choice. Now I get to play with this vigorous lover whenever I want, who knows I might just keep him.

$Getting My Money’s Worth$

Do you see this lovely creature that’s adoringly taking of of this fine gentleman’s big black cock? Well she used to be my cheating asshole husband. 20 years and I find him boning his secretary in our bed. Needless to say a divorce soon followed, but the bastards lawyers managed to give him everything and leave me with nothing! It took me a good while to figure out how to regain my losses, but about a year later an idea came to me. So after calling in some favors from a few people my ex-husband was no more, replaced with my voluptuous younger sister who came to live with me. If she happened to bring home sexual partners that left copious sums of money, who was I to complain? After all we need rent money. And if I happen to record these exploits and make even more money, well that’s just a family business.

Mom and Daughter Duo

I never expected this. You see once I was old enough to know what I wanted, I chose to go through transition from male to female. I was not prepared for my mom’s reaction. As it turns out she had always wanted a daughter, so when I came to her about my transition her excitement was completely unexpected. She even paid for everything! So now she and I go shopping together, to the spa, double dating, and as you can see double blowing! 🙂 One of our favorite things is to see who can make their man cum faster, and right now it seems like we’re pretty tied.

New Order Pt. 3

Here we see Ms. Cummings in her new role as a pleasure administrator. As you can see her client is obviously enjoying his service, but so is Ms. Cummings. This is a result of her conditioning with our rehabilitation program. Whether she settles as a married woman or moves up in the pleasure service, she will always seek to increase the pleasure of her partner, which also increase her own. She will make a fine addition.

Making Bets

You see those four hot bitches sucking those Big Black Cocks like their lives depend on it? Yeah well that’s me and my friends. I’m the second one from the left. Now you might be asking why are we even doing this. Well we made a bet with these guys that we could beat them at football earlier today at the park. The bet was that whoever won a game of football would get to turn the other’s into chicks and get blowjobs. As you can see we lost. Although whenever I look to my other friends they seem to be enjoying this as much as I do. I think we might make this a weekly thing, except maybe we’ll just skip to this part. 😛


Jamal had no idea a passing fairy would mishear his comment when he was fucking Sara. He said “Damn Bitch no wonder you keep calling me over.” What the fairy heard was “Damn Bitch I wonder what its like to be bent over?” The fairy almost just flew off but being mischievous it decided to help Jamal answer that question. Now that Jamal is stuck as Sara he is also calling every chance he gets.