Origin of the Magic, part 2 of 9

Brian, Henri and Fiona were sitting in a plane to the USA. Brian and Fiona were sitting next to each-other and were kissing passionately. That annoyed Henri, so he said quietly “I wish she would chose me.”
Suddenly the plane was struck by lightning and crashed on a small island. During the process of falling Brian said to himself: “I wish we’d make it.”

After the fall
“Someone… Someone there?”
“I’m here!”
“Yes. Yes Fiona, it’s me!” Henri said while running towards Fiona.
“Where is Brian?”
“I dunno.”
Fiona teared up and hugged Henri, who returned the hug and grinned.

Two days later
“Henri, look here is someone!” Fiona shouted towards her fellow crash survivor.
After he walked over to her he replied: “Was she on the flight?”
“I don’t think so.”
The woman opened her eyes and looked over to Fiona.
“Fiona. I’m so glad you made it.”
“How… How do you know me?”
“Fiona, it’s me. Your boyfriend. Brian.”
“No. You have tits. You are not even male.”
Henri whispered something.


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