Ooooh This Feels Different

My wife and I were talking about different things when she brought up about what it would be like to have sex with another woman. I readily said great , figuring it would be a three way. She said no just her and another woman. I said ok at least it wasn’t with another man and I could watch.
She said ” Oh you’ll be able to watch” my penis got rock hard just thinking about it. About that time she muttered some weird incantation . My body started feeling funny. I shirk in height and my skin started getting very smooth. My hair on my head started growing at a fast pace. My body hair all fell off. Then my hips started spreading out along with my butt. My waist constricted giving me an hourglass figure. Then as my face and voice changed, my chest started expanding into breasts! About the time my hardon exploded, my penis and ball retracted inside of me and became my sensitive vagina! My wife said” Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!!


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