body swap shop

Their is this new shop that opened in the mall that lets you swap bodies. The catch you don’t know with who you are going to swap and you don’t know how long you will be in the other body. Those are also the reasons why not many people tried the new shop. But I wanted to try so i went to the mall and to the shop. It looked more like a travel agency with a desk and pc. Behind was a lovely woman who greeted me and asked: “Welcome the body switcheroe. If you want to continue you have to sign a contract with me and then go to the office in the back with me to see dr Alexa Portman.” I signed the contract and followed her to dr Portman. But to my surprise she didn’t look like a docter at all she looked more like a supermodel. Dr portman said:” Welcome James. You can fill these online forms in so you can see a list of potential candidates who you can swap with. ” I began filling in the forms. Gender? Female. I wanted to see life as a female so yeah why not. it isn’t permanent so i can always swap back to my body. the next options where the appearance of the body. I selected big breast and firm body. The enxt page were some personality checks like libido and some other stuff. I checked the highest possible option for libido. The next page was a legal warning and then the next question was how long do you want to swap with options ranging from 1 day, a week, a month, a year, lifetime. I checked a month not really wanting to be stuck. I clicked confirm and then the screen began showing images of woman with big breast and a title possible candidates. “Who do you want to swap with?” dr. portman asked me. I looked at the women and i picked the woman who i found the most attractive. I clicked on her image. Dr portman normaly i had to wait until tomorow but htis woman was already here just before me she was in the room next door preparing the last steps to swap. I didn’t have to do that so i could be in my new body as soon as possible. I was taken to the swapping machine. I had to enter a pod and stand still. Their were 2 buttons, swap and abort. Dr Portman came to me and said the woman was ready in the other pod, all i had to to was press the swap button and i would wake up in the body of the woman. Dr Portman started the machine and asked us to press the button, I pressed


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