One Size Fits All

“One Size Fits All” the package says.

“Yeah, right,” you mumble as you remove the gray lace lingerie from the box. You’ve been secretly wearing women’s underwear for years, but no matter how many times the packaging insists it will fit, it never quite does. You have a few too many male parts for that.

Stripping down to the nude, you slip your legs into the undergarments and pull them up as far as they will go. The fabric strains against your erect penis, making it hard to fit the upper straps over your shoulders. After a few moments of struggling, you finally manage to clasp the lingerie in the back, successfully securing the garment to your body.

Turning around, you look at yourself in the mirror and sigh. Pathetic. No matter how many times you hope women’s underwear will make you look more feminine, it never does. You just like look like a sad, lonely man clinging to an illusion that will never come true.

Suddenly, a jolt rushes down the length of your body and you stiffen. It feels as if the underwear is shrinking! It strains against your skin, pushing against your rib cage and making it hard to breathe. Your head begins to pound and your heart race as you silently pray that the fabric will tear and release you from its grasp.

But the fabric does not give way–your skin does. As the underwear tightens against your pudgy, milquetoast physique, your excess fat is pushed out the way and begins to flow into your lower body. You feel your thighs thicken and firm and your rear end expand, the cloth sinking and tightening between your two growing ass cheeks.

You feel the sides of the lingerie pushing against your torso, cinching your waist and flaring your hips. A tight, sexy layer of muscle mass grows upon your abdomen, burning through the last vestiges of fat that still laid there. The two empty cups of the lingerie’s brasserie begin to fill as your nipples twist to points and surge forward, two ample breasts springing forth and pushing against the lace.

Your excess body hair stiffens and retracts into your skin, goose pimples erupting across your flesh. Your pale skin tone begins to darken to a smooth ebony, and your hair curls and lengthens into long, raven locks. A few disturbing “cracks” sound as you feel your cheekbones lengthening and reshaping, feminizing your face and puffing out your lips.

Finally, the unsightly bulge that caused you so much trouble in the past begins to recede, sliding between your thick thighs and slipping into the form of a tiny, pink vagina. A soft moan escapes your lips, and you notice your register has become considerably higher.

You look at yourself in the mirror, surprise and joy etched across your features. Standing before you is an ebony goddess, all curves and valleys, with an enormous pair of breasts and a gorgeous face that simply exudes sexuality. Your lingerie, formerly saggy and ill-fitting, now fits you like a glove, applying just enough pressure to your curves that the slightest movement sends shivers of pleasure across your skin.

Your hands move up and down your new body, exploring, probing. Ecstasy fills you as you feel the womanly curves that now belong to you completely–fully functional, flawlessly crafted, and damn fun to touch. You slip the crotch of your underwear aside and slide a finger into your new vagina, causing a shock of pleasure to course through your body.

After about an hour of incessant masturbation, you rise to your feet and grab your phone. Turning on the camera, you begin to film yourself, running your hands up and down your body and saying all sorts of dirty things. A sly grin emerges on your face. There are more than a few guys that you plan on sending this to. Let’s see how quick they are to respond.


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