One man’s curse is another girl’s pleasure, part 4

I guess you could say I’m going out with a bang.
The witch was pretty clear with her curse: I would be trapped as a woman until I finally had sex with a man. Little did she know that being a woman is the one thing I’ve always wanted. I thought I would be content just masturbating as long as I got to keep this body, but it just made me hornier. Porn and dildos weren’t cutting it, and a female lover still couldn’t satisfy. I need the real thing.
Jason was a college roommate. I remember spending many nights on the other side of a door with a sock on the handle while Jason satisfied women for hours, women who always came back begging for more. If I’m only going to have sex in this body once, it’s going to be with someone who knows what they’re doing. I know where Jason works so I “accidentally” bumped into him outside his office building today. A pro like Jason could never resist a woman as hot as I am, especially if he can sense that she’s aching for it. As soon as we made eye contact, he immediately went into seduction mode – not that he needed to do a lot of work.
We rushed over to his place and immediately began attacking each other. Jason tore off my sheer blouse sending buttons flying across the room. I yanked off his tie and treated his shirt the same way. We clawed each other’s backs and licked each other’s chest. Like magic, he managed to make my bra disappear so that he could bury his face in my tits – such beautiful tits. I’m sure going to miss them. They feel even more incredible than I ever thought possible with a man’s hands on them, and my moans of pleasure let Jason know that his work was appreciated.
The foreplay didn’t last long. We were both too wild, too hungry. Jason slipped his hands beneath my leather skirt and grabbed me by the ass cheeks. I felt the bulge in his pants grow even harder when he found I wasn’t wearing any panties. Then, without any warning, he lifted me into the air. His strength made me giddy, and he carried me around with ease. I hooked my legs around his back, not because he needed the support, but so that I could hump him like an animal in heat. He dumped me onto the bed, and we quickly discarded the rest of our clothes. But just as he was poised at the edge of my vagina, ready to skewer me on his iron rod, I uttered the most unthinkable word possible: “Wait.”
This was it, my last moment as a woman. I knew I had to say goodbye, but I wanted to cherish the moment. And by “cherish the moment,” I mean enjoy just a few more blissful female orgasms while I still have a pussy. Jason knows how to please a woman, and he gladly let me work myself into a frenzy, enjoying the view while I fingered myself into oblivion. Having his eyes on me only made the whole experience hotter. It’s the most amazing pleasure I’ve ever experienced. But even this isn’t enough.
And now I understand that it really is a curse. I won’t feel complete in this body until it’s been impaled on a man’s shaft, but as soon as I achieve that, I have to say goodbye to this body forever. It’s torture. And the longer I put it off, the more maddening it becomes. But not much longer now.
“Alright, big boy,” I purred. “Fuck me.”


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