On the board

The existing board members already weren’t happy with having three new, young member on their board. So when the government propose a mandate be set in place requiring all corporations to have women on the their board of directors, they were outraged. They were old fashioned men with old fashioned values. To them, a woman had no place in the board room. Perhaps to hand deliver some coffee or bring a report, but no place on the board itself.
Luke, Hector, and Kel had worked hard to get to where they were and knew they were deserving of their positions. As such, when the proposal for the mandate came down, they were audacious enough to speak in favor of the mandate, and when they met resistance, they only pushed harder. It was sad to them that people still judged others by things like gender or race, and it was even more so knowing that their aged colleagues were among those people. Despite several warnings to drop the issue, the three continued to argue the point. Things got heated as neither side would back down. At the end of the day, it seemed they were at an impasse, at least that’s what the three young board members thought.
The next day, the three young board members board members met in the parking lot to chat before work as they often did. Today was a special day as today was the day that an article in the newpaper had been published about them. In it, they were praised for their achievements as well as credited with making a huge step for businesswomen all over the country. The company was also lauded for their progressive outlook in having almost half of their board of directors be women.
The three girls giggled as they read, excited to be featured in their first of undoubtedly many articles, but they knew it was all lies. They may have been on the board of directors with official titles, but a more accurate job title would have been “Board of Directors’ personal tuck toys”. Just like it sounded, their job was to look pretty and pleasure the other board members in whatever way they desired, which was perfect for the three women. They loved dolling themselves up, and there was something sexy about older men. That and the pay was pretty damned good too. The only thing they had to worry about was sounding like they knew what they were talking about, which wouldn’t be too hard seeing how they technically were experts in their fields.
Inside those pretty little heads Luke, Hector, and Kel were screaming. They had no control over their bodies. All they knew was that the other board members were somehow behind this. They wanted nothing more than to run, but Lucy, Helena, and Kelli turned and headed up the stairs into the building, excited to start their tasks for the day.


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