On Stage Transformation to Humiliation

The midget was magical, and his show wasn’t always just an act. He had a mouthy young man in the audience whom he invited up for his next act.

The magical midget said, “Derrell McVicks is your name you say? You’re a lawyer you say? Well Derrell McVicks, you’re now Danica McDicks. A lawyer who took many to the bench, you are now nothing more than servicing whore and barmaid wench.”

The shocked look on Derrell’s face said it all as the midget added insult to injury by revealing to himself and the audience the new wench’s boobs. She raised her bell sleeved arms to her sexy new chest to cover it up, her mouth wide open in shock and awe.

“That is a good way for your pretty mouth to be in, open for business for many horny men,” said the midget then laughing and clinking his heels.

The audience was aghast at the adult nature and the realism of the changes, but some enjoyed a good gender transformation, not realizing it wasn’t just an act.

When the act was over, the tiny magician escorted the new wench backstage to service his beloved brothers, all midgets, ready for some midget on wench group sex!


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