Oh, Caroline, no.

“You can’t mean that,” Oliver squeaked in his new body as he crouched on his hands and knees. “Oh, Caroline, no. It’s not permanent, is it?”

“Yes it is, you cheating prick,” answered Caroline. “It was you yourself that wasn’t satisfied with our marriage and constantly jetted ‘on business’ to Japan and your Asian babes to fill the gap. I’ve now solved your problem. I’ve taken your cock as collateral. But your mental training will begin soon.”

“Mental training?” asked Oliver. “Prease change me back, I mean please, honey,” he pleaded while he felt the mental changes kicking in. Then a new series of sensations erupted in him, and he suddenly felt the urge to suck the dick that was waving in his face. “Prease ret me suck,” he mouthed.

“Suck it, Suki.” Caroline sat back and enjoyed the ride.


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