Off To See The Wizard

I’ve always been lonely. Short, chunky, near sighted and shy. On top of all that I’m now going bald. Needless to say women find me singularly unattractive, The stereotypical looser. Well that’s about to change. After years of searching, I finally found a wizard who claims that for a fee, he can give me the body of my dreams through magic. I arrived at his shop and he took me to his office. He set me down and explained the procedure. First I would tell him what I wanted then he would make the changes. When I was satisfied, we would shake hands making all changes permanent. My dreams were about to come true at last. I said I want a handsome masculine body, 6′ 2″, brown hair, brown eyes and muscular. I want a charismatic personality that will make men want to befriend me and women want to be with me. And for all the sex I plan on having, I want enhanced sexual endowments. The wizard nodded and waved his hand. Instantly I had a beautiful feminine 5′ 4″ blond haired blue eyed body. Young, but not to young. My bubbly personality would make women want to befriend me and men want to possess me. And for all the sex I planned on having, these big tits and this wet pussy would attract men by the dozens. The wizard asked if I was satisfied. I just giggled and stuck out my hand for a shake. As I left the shop I couldn’t help being a bit bemused. After all my searching, I found the wizard in of all places, The Mall. In a little shop with a big sign that read “Spells R Us”


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