Make a wish

My life was pretty lame, I was overweight, no friends, no life. Here I was on my 30th birthday having a birthday cake by myself. Yeah things were pretty sad. As the waitress brought me my cake, a look of pity in her eye. My eyes were caught by a blonde teenager a few tables away. I could see her talking and laughing with her friends, thoroughly enjoying life. Looking down at my cake I sighed and wished “I wish I could have a life as fulfilling as hers.”

As soon as the candle blew out, all of a sudden there were several girls around me, all giggling. Looking down I could see two massive tits now spilling out of my tight pink t-shirt, and the cake had been replaced by a strawberry and a few slices pineapple. Somehow I now knew that my name was Tiffany and I was celebrating my 18th birthday. Now some people might have been freaked out at being transformed into a gorgeous stacked brunette teenager, but compared to my previous life, it was a godsend. I started gossiping with my new friends, confident to make the best of my new life.


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