Not Where the Party Started

When Tim woke up groggy and hungover, and feeling really strange, he knew something was definitely wrong. The place he was in didn’t even look like the one he went to for the party the night before. His chest felt heavy for some reason, and there was hair tickling his face, even though he had as short haircut. He had tight clothes around his legs, feeling like a skirt or something tight, and his feet were tucked away in strange feeling shoes too, a bit sweaty sticking to the shoes like he had no socks on. His arms and hands felt smaller, and then he spoke, and it all came clear.

He heard a woman’s voice, his woman’s voice! He was somehow a she and she was in some other house. He quickly got up and stumbled in the heels, so finally took them off and raced for a mirror, any mirror. He was in shock at his new reflection. He as Ivana Isenberg, the German woman he had dated while in Germany on vacation, but whom he dumped after she wanted a more serious relationship and not just sex. She vowed revenge as he left her behind to go back to the States. Afterward he had thought not much of it, and months had gone by without even hearing from her. Now he or rather SHE was her, she was Ivana Isenberg, a German woman, a woman whom he had fucked so many times on his vacation there. How could this be? How was this even possible? What would he do?

Then a text on Ivana’s phone made it all clear: “Tim, by now you probably have realized that you are me. We’ll I’m you as well. I told you I would get revenge on you, and I did. I thought instead of trying to keep you, why not just be you, and have all that money and power, and companionship whenever you wanted it, wherever you wanted it. Sure I would have to give up being a woman, but that is a small price to pay for your life. For you however, I hope you are ready for periods and nagging German men hitting on you. It’s all yours now baby. After all you only loved me for my body anyway, well now you can have it. Goodbye Miss Ivana Isenberg.”

With that Tim tried and tried to text her back, struggling to type on the phone’s screen with her new long nails. It didn’t matter, there was no reply, in fact, she never replied again. This left Tim stuck as Ivana, a German woman, in Germany, and no one would believe her if she even told anyone. At least she was smart enough to keep it quiet, she didn’t want to end up in a German mental institute next, pumped full of drugs. No she was stuck, or so it seemed, at least for the moment. She was Ivana now, the very person she seen only as a sex object, was now the person she had become. She had, in fact, truly only loved Ivana for her body and the sex, and now he had access to it all the time, from inside of it. He would have to live her life… a secretary at a German bank with a strict dress code of dresses, blouses, skirts, hose, and heels. Even more surprising than all that had happened? No more than two weeks into her job as Ivana, she caught herself staring at men’s asses, and crotches. She was truly becoming Ivana, as Ivana had a reputation as a slut with a high libido.


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