Not so bad

“You can come out already” Melanie called her brother. Stan walked out hesitantly. “See it didn’t bite you” she said softly. “I guess you were right” Stan looked at his new underwear. He never have imagined to wear one of these, he ran his fingers across the soft material of the panties. It happened so suddenly. One day he went to sleep as a teenage boyand the next day he woke up as a 22 year’s old woman. Stan thought it was the end of his life. He spend most of his time closed in his bedroom, avoiding any social contact, even with his family. His sister was worried about him. She understood that such a change can be traumatic but it can’t be a reason to give up on life. Melanie was able to convince him and now she was slowly teaching her brother how to be a woman. Now it was the first time Stan wore feminine underwear but Melanie didn’t want to stop on that. “How does it feel” She asked courious for his answer.
“A little bit wierd” Stan said pulling the straps of his bra. “You will get used to it. And trust me it makes your moves much more comfortable” She said and started to look for something in her closet. “Now try this” She showed him her flowery sundress. Stan took the dress and examined it. “Here it goes” he sighet and put the dress on. Melanie was smiling “Now let’s give you a new name. What about Lindsey?” Stan didn’t have any objections and so from this day his new life as Lindsey had began.


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