Losing the Pool Game, but Winning Something Else?

Jack was losing at pool, and he lost enough games, three in fact, that he had to go along with the bet. He would have to become a hot beauty for the evening. He and his friends had come across the Medallion of Change, an ultra rare item, buried for centuries in a tomb in Egypt. It was used at that time with mystical properties, to change the bodies they had in gender, which would allow them to live differently for a few days. Some would even decide to stay the way they were, but not using the medallion again.

So, Jack became Jackie, as they were calling HER now. This was Jack’s body after changing into a female with the Medallion. That was part of the surprise, when you did change gender – and change you definitely would – you didn’t know how you would turn out. Many times you had somewhat of an idea, as it would make you what you might have been had you been born the opposite sex, but it was mostly a mystery until the change actually occurred.

Jack was surprised he became a short petite redhead, with milky white skin, as he had been a dark haired, somewhat tanned dude. Then again, he had to remember his Mom, who died when he was very young, was in fact a small redheaded beautiful lady. His must have taken after his Mom’s side as a female, which made sense since his mom was female! Jack had no degree in genetics, but it did make sense to him, well HER now!

He was definitely feeling strange, but not horrible. He felt small and soft and curvy, and it was weird having such long hair and bangs in his eyes. The boobs while different, actually felt amazing.

She thought to himself, “What guy wouldn’t want to experience having them first hand at least for a little while, right?”

Of course her crotch felt flat and empty, void of the testicles and penis that once adorned her groin for so many years as a male. She was sure she had the indoor plumbing, and could even feel like the lips were down there as her tight new underwear rubbed against them!

Her top changed from red t-shirt to red top, revealing her new puppies quite a bit, maybe more than she would have liked. As a man, she would have loved seeing this on another woman, but as a woman, she felt a bit exposed. The changes would change your clothing too, making what you had feminine as well if you became female. His black jeans, actually became black capri leggings, tight around his new curvaceous bottom and hips, and over his shapely new female legs, revealing his soft smooth white calves, and tiny soft feet in red ballet flats that matched her top perfectly. Her legs seemed encased even more, her calves and feet showing shimmer, she must have had shiny nude pantyhose on under those leggings. She had to admit it felt kind of great feminine and all!

The earrings felt strange dangling a lot from her earlobes, and the dainty bracelet on her right arm with wiggling jewels felt different too, as Jackie had never worn jewelry as a man. Her lips felt a bit waxy, but not too much, perhaps lipstick, and as she tasted her lips, they tasted like sweet cherries. Her face definitely felt different, but didn’t feel too coated, probably light makeup was all she had on, a little eyeliner and mascara and some blush. He was wondering how he knew this without a mirror, and how he even knew about makeup in general now, or even about the clothes he was wearing, he knew exactly what the name was for everything. It was like he had gone to the store and bought them.

He was readying his pool stick for game four, but as he sharpened it and then looked at it and blew on it, he got a thought. What was that?! He thought about polishing something else and blowing on it, or blowing it for that matter! He was thinking a female thought, a naughty one! He thought about doing this to a huge cock! Then as he looked over at his buddies, he stared shortly at their crotches, wondering just how their cocks would be! He put it out of his mind, however, trying to concentrate on winning the next three games, then someone else would have to be the chick for awhile.

Being a little tipsy from drinking, Jackie, was not aiming the greatest at pool, and perhaps this was why she lost the other games, too much booze? Her new body wasn’t processing the booze as well either, and she was very drunk now, seeing two pool tables! She did what she would do as a man, aim for the middle, but instead of hitting the cue ball, she hit the medallion that was on the wood grain side of the table. It flew into a bat of hot grease used for fries behind the bar.

“Nice shot,” Larry said laughing.

Somehow this hot grease got turned up way too high, as the bartender had bumped the temp control just moments earlier. As hot as it was, when they let the grease out to get the medallion, it was deformed and melted! None the less, Jeremy, the other guy there with them, tried to test it out on himself just to see if it still worked. It didn’t! He didn’t change genders! He tried it on a shocked Larry, and nothing. Finally he tried it on the bet loser Jackie as a last resort, as they didn’t want Jackie getting out of her bet if possible, but no luck, and she was stunned beyond belief. This medallion was rare, and possibly could have been the only one in existence. No one knew how to recreate such a thing, and being a quick thinker, Jackie put two and two together! SHE would be SHE for the rest of HER life! She would be this busty, curvaceous petite little redheaded lady for the rest of her days!

“I can’t believe this! My old life is gone now! There is no way back! I’m stuck as a chick, a flippin’ chick! I’m a little redhead for good now! Unbelievable! I just can’t believe this,” said Jackie astonished.

Her buddies, Larry and Jeremy went near her to console her, apologizing many times over, as they put their huge hands on her tiny shoulders to console her! She had to look up at them now, they were over a foot taller than her! Larry was 6’3″ and Jeremy a whopping 6’5″, and she, she hadn’t measured, but she was 4’8″. Even with four inch heels or platforms, she would only be 5’0″, below average female height, and very short from her 6’4″ male body. She felt a bit intimidated by her male friends towering over her, but at the same time felt a bit attracted to this big strong guys that were so much bigger than her, that could embrace her small form and protect her!

That night she was still in shock wondering what to do next as they went to Jeremy’s to figure things out. Still curious about her buddies in new ways, she thought why not embrace this, and try to do something to get her mind off of what happened?

“Guys, um, oh, I’m just going to come out and say it. Unzip your pants, I’m feeling very horny, and I want to get my mind off of this circumstance. Why not face it head on, I’m a girl now, I might as well act like one! I want to see both your cocks, just do it! It’s not gay, I’m a chick now, and silly rabbits, dicks are for chicks! I’m Jackie now, and probably for good, so why not? Don’t worry, I’ll give you both a turn,” said the new horny redhead hot chick anticipating her first encounter with penis as a female!

Jeremy followed by Larry, both did as the lady asked, almost tripping over their pants trying to get them off. She realized their excitement meant she must be one attractive woman, these guys were ready to throw themselves at her tiny feet as it were! Jackie grabbed both cocks on in each tiny hand, as she went to her knees, her toes bending enough for her flats to pop off in the back. The guys loved that too seeing her shoes do that.

The men felt so big in her female hands, yet so good! She was actually soaking the cotton crotch of her pantyhose with her new vagina’s juices. Her clit at full attention, aroused from these studs. She remembered hearing her Mom was quite a sexually active lady when she was younger, and she believed it if she was taking after her mom, she was horny as piss! She took turns sucking the boys off, trying to stay equal in the pleasuring, and this act alone was turning her on beyond belief. She thought no wonder chicks like to do this, and this was what it was like to lust for cock, amazingly.

Soon she turned over, and let Larry pull down her leggings and pantyhose, seeing her new wet pussy. Larry turned her around again to face her, as he put in his huge member. Jackie felt amazing feeling this huge pole enter her sensitive vagina! Then Jeremy went to the floor, and Larry guided Jackie to his cock, to sit on it, going into her new ass! That hurt somewhat, as did her pussy, but her ass more sore. Once she got in rhythm and pleasure however, it felt wonderfully exquisite! She was being double penetrated by her well hung buddies. Never had she ever thought of being with her buddies like this!

As she was about to orgasm, and so were they, she told them to pull out and give it to her! They did so, as she got onto her knees again, licking her lips in anticipation of what was to “cum”. As the guys sprayed her face and tits, she shuddering in multiple orgasmic bliss, her whole body tingling with orgasm!


At that moment, they guys, and the gal knew life would never be the same. They were all still buddies, but now Larry and Jeremy were not only her buddies, but her sex buddies also! Their time together just got a whole lot more interesting, especially later when Jackie ended up pregnant with Larry’s baby, but later turned out to be triplets, all redhead girls too!


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