No reason to say anything

“Mmmhhh, I love my daily blow jobs…” Mark said crassly as Stephanie bobbed her head up and down on his cock, her tits smooshed against his balls.

She didn’t respond and just kept going. Mark wondered who she was, really.

He hadn’t noticed she wasn’t herself at first. Not for a long time actually. The Great Shift actually struck on Mark’s birthday a few months ago. For his birthday Stephanie had been giving him a blow job. Mark didn’t remember it really. She did it occasionally for him, and when she did he’d always make some comment about enjoying his daily blowjobs. More as a sign of hope for their frequency than a start.

He remembered afterwards turning on the TV and learning about how the Great Shift, as it came to be know, had occured. Mark thought him and Stephanie were among the lucky ones who didn’t get swapped. She certainly didn’t say anything.

When she gave him a blow job the next day, Mark was thrilled and made his same comment about daily blow jobs. The next day she did again, and he did again. He didn’t stop to ask questions and just enjoyed them.

The other changes to Stephanie’s personality were subtle. Or maybe they weren’t and Mark just wasn’t paying attention. In addition to the blow jobs, she pushed for sex more frequently, so again Mark wasn’t complaining. She bought some new clothes and started complaining about her job, nothing really overt. When Stephanie’s sister stopped by, they had the most awkward meeting ever, and not just because Stephanie’s sister had ended up in the body of a 15 year old boy. Stephanie didn’t seem to want to talk about the past at all. That’s when Mark started getting suspicious. He’d say things about when they started dating that weren’t true, and she wouldn’t pick up on them. When he said they’d met while skiing and she said nothing he knew she wasn’t really Stephanie. Stephanie hated skiing and he had never gotten her to go with him once.

Was she even really a girl? Mark read that most of the straight people who swapped genders ended up with high libidos. Something about turning themselves on, while still physiologically straight psychologists pondered. The whole gender identity/sexuality thing was a mess now, Mark didn’t give it much thought.

Maybe she was a criminal, and decided to pretend to fit in so she didn’t have to go back to jail. Maybe she was someone who was transgendered and wanted to stay a woman. Maybe she was an old man, happy to be young again. And where was the real Stephanie for that matter? She never made contact with her old life like most people who had been swapped did. Maybe she’d ended up in the body of an infant or something.

Mark thought to bring it up, to demand answers but decided not to. She was hot, whoever or whatever she was. And nice to be around. And she gave good head and wanted sex all the time. Mark decided there was no reason to say anything.


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