Totally Not Fair

I looked up at the pizza boy who’s cock I was sucking and could tell from the his glazed expression, this was the best blow job he’d ever had. That’s not surprising because I given thousands in the time I’ve been stuck in this body? You see, I was once a man. A man who was lured to this woman’s house by the promise of sex. A man, who after receiving a truly amazing blow job, found himself body swapped. The former tenant of this body told me it was only ever occupied by men and now it was mine. I would stay a woman, compelled to suck dicks, until at some random time the curse would pass on to some man who’s cock I had just blown. How long has it been? I don’t really know. Years maybe. One day is pretty much like the next. The only variety are the cocks. Well back to my pizza boy. I feel his cock tense and I suck harder. There’s a splash against the back of my throat and suddenly I am standing and a pretty girl has her lips wrapped around my cock. YES! Finally it’s over. I had nearly lost hope. My former body suddenly screamed. I tried to calm her down. I explained what had happened. I told her it wasn’t forever but she might be on her knees for a few years. For some reason, this didn’t seem to help. Well, I knew one thing that would calm her down. I waved my new cock in front of her and like magic, her eyes lock on. In seconds, she was sucking like a pro. Oh god, she was good. It’s been a long time since I felt a blow job from this side and I didn’t last very long. I felt a massive build up in my balls as I exploded in her mouth and immediately felt a blast of hot cum against the back of my throat. My eyes flew open and I was on my knees with a hard dick in my mouth. NO! ONE COCK! She only had to suck one cock to switch and I had to suck thousands? And now I’m stuck back in this cock sucking bitch’s body. Not Fair! So totally not fair!


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