No good deed…

“I’m gonna-” Rob began and pushed Ben’s head back off his cock. Rob groaned loudly and came all over Ben’s new giant tits.

Ben looked up at Rob and blinked, “Well that was… different.”

“Sorry I came so fast, it’s just that well, you were really good at that. And you are so fucking hot…” Rob said as a glob of cum dripped from his limp dick to the carpet.

Ben blushed, “Umm, thanks.”

“You want me to, like, go down on you or something? You know to make up for the BJ?” Rob asked.

“Mmmhhh…” Ben replied his thoughts drifting off in space as he massaged Rob’s cum into his tits, “These feel so good.”

Rob’s cock twitched and started to come back to life. The beauty before him was just too hot.

Rob and Ben had been relaxing at the beach when Rob had heard a young girl screaming out in the ocean. Without thinking he rushed out into the water and carried her back to shore. The little girl was terrified and her mother was extremely grateful for Rob’s saving her daughter. She asked him if he wanted a reward and he declined. Then she asked him what he was missing in life. Rob snorted and replied “A hot girl who is also my best friend.” The woman turned and looked at Ben and replied “Done.”

Ben’s transformation only seemed remarkable to Rob and Ben. No one else on the beach seemed to notice as Ben shrank half a foot, lost about 50 pounds, grew huge tits, his bathing suit turned into a bikini, the bulge at his crotch vanished, his hair grew and turned blonde, and his face morphed into a beautiful woman wearing mascara. Rob could only stare but Ben was freaking out the whole time. When it was done he turned to Rob and had a weird look on his face and blushed. They both turned and the woman and her daughter had vanished.

They rushed back to the hotel room and discovered all of Ben’s clothes had changed, as had `her’ driver’s license. Now it was Rob’s turn to start freaking out. He sobbed and apologized to Ben, saying it was all his fault Ben was a girl now. Ben interrupted his raving by walking up to him, standing on her tip toes and kissing him.

The kissing turning into making out turned into a blow job very quickly. Ben kept telling Rob she couldn’t believe how much she wanted to touch him and be touched by him. How much she wanted his big juicy cock.

They never went out looking for the woman who had transformed Ben, instead they spent the rest of their vacation in their hotel room screwing. They got married three months later and each of them was never happier.


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