Alex was getting a Prince Albert pierced into his cock. Unfortunately, the piercing technician picked up his last enchanted stud and put it into Alex after he had given Alex the piercing.

The enchantment didn’t take long to start making changes to Alex. First, hist cock and the piercing shrank into tight pierced clit. Then he grew breasts, long hair, and everything about him, including his face transformed into a feminine version of himself. Plus, he was now super sexy.

Although alarmed and confused, Alex couldn’t help but be aroused by the piercing in his throbbing, sensitive clit. “uhhh!” he moaned at the end of the transformation “FFUUCK me!”

The piercing technician didn’t take much time stripping. His cock was already stiff and ready from watching the sexy transformation. Maybe he could take the piercing out of Alex and use it on himself sometime…


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