Newest Secretary

“Come in,” he said.
Phillip was my new boss. After a couple sexual harassment complaints, HR decided to switch around his support staff. They hoped by giving him a male secretary, me, they could end the complaints without having to let anyone go.
“So,” he said, looking me up and down, “What did they tell you about me?”
“That I’m your new secretary and that you like your women,” I said.
“I see…” His voice trailed, he was still inspecting me. “What’s your name?”
“Shawn,” I said back.
“Shawn… Do you know what makes a good secretary, ‘Shawn’?” he asked.
“What, sir?”
“Obedience…” His tongue trailed his lips a little as he said the word, as if he were inspecting a prime piece of meat. I didn’t know how to respond, and he could see that.
“Sir…” I said, noticeably upset this conversation.
“Call me daddy,” he replied.
“Daddy?” I said, a surprising chill running down my spine as the words left my mouth.
I struggled to regain my train of thought. “I… um… I don’t know if I feel comfortable calling you that,” I said.
“Try it,” he said.
It felt wrong. I shouldn’t. “Okay…” I paused, his glare intensified. I could feel my body squirm involuntarily. “…daddy.” A chill ran down my spine again, more intense than before.
“Again,” he said.
“Yes, daddy.” The chill again, even stronger than before.
“One more time,” he said, leaning forward in his seat.
“Anything for you, daddy” I said in a surprisingly sultry way. Daddy smiled. He stood up from his desk and walked over to look at me up close. He circled me before stopping behind my back. I felt his hand grab the back of me head as he forced my body down over the desk. He ripped my pants off and I screamed. His hand wrapped around me face and covered my mouth as he leaned in. I could feel his dick body press against my back, sending an all too familiar shiver down my spine.
“Hush now,” he whispered.
“Yes, daddy,” I said involuntarily. He grabbed his dick and forced it into my asshole, thrusting back and forth.
I began to moan, my eyes closing as I let him take me. I could feel my waste thin as the fat slid down to my ass, creating a nice cushion for daddy to ram into. My arms and legs thinned while my chest exploded into two perky breasts. I looked down through my new head of hair to see my pants, once resting around my ankle, shrivel up and disappear. Two heels were revealed underneath in place of my dress shoes. Another moan slipped.
“Harder, daddy,” I said, tasting the gloss on my lips. He sped up accordingly. My dress shirt shifted and stretched, if not much, into a tiny little black dress. I could feel daddy pull out of my ass and shove his dick somewhere new. A new kind of pleasure overtook me. My moans turned to squeals and my squeals turned into outright screams of pleasure. I felt daddy’s hand grab my hair and pull me off of the desk, forcing me knees to the ground. He turned me body around, shoving his dick into my mouth. I sucked and slurped with all my might as his juicy load poured down my throat.
“Well,” he said, buckling his pants. I stood up and pulled up my panties, straightening my dress a little. I could barely stand up straight after that.
He sat back down at his desk, looking up at me as I winced and moaned, still horny. “I think you’re going to make a great secretary, Shawna.”
“Thank you, daddy” I purred, licking the last of the cum off of my face.


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