New Attraction

For spring break my friends and I decided to go to Disney World. We had fun but it didn’t have the magic that it had when I was a kid. One of the employees must have heard me when I was sharing that thought with my friend while we were in line for Space Mountain, because as soon as we got out of the ride and employee approached me.
“Sir, you’ve been selected to test out our new attraction.” He told me.
“Really? What is it?”
“It’s a new interactive, immersive way to experience our most beloved films.” He explained nicely. I liked Disney movies as much as the next millenial, so I was interested.
“Neat, can my friends come?”
“I’m sorry sir, we can only give out a very limited number of passes per day.”
I knew my friends wouldnt care if I broke off for a while so I accepted the pass and after getting lunch headed to the area where the guy said the attraction was located.

Inside ciderellas castle I showed an employee my pass and he led me through several hallways and corridors. None of them were decorated for the public, so it was kind of cool to see the “backstage” of Disney World. Finally I was let into a room that looked like the lobby of an old, lush movie theater.
“Enjoy your show.” The employee smiled and ushered me into a maze of velvet ropes meant to hold a long queue. The walls were decorated with old hollywood memorabilia and posters for all their films. Finally I reached the end of the rope maze and was presented with a touchscreen.
“Todays film is…” It read, presenting a list of all of Disneys popular films. I scrolled through, but eventually decided on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, because I’d never seen it and it was first on the list. I hit ‘OKAY’ and a door open. Inside was an empty movie theater. I didn’t know where to sit so I just chose a place. A few seconds later the lights went down and a projector started in the back. A few trailers for other old disney movies played, and soon the movie started. But instead of the movie, the screen turned bright white. Exciting movie music began playing and suddenly I was blinded by the light, and I closed my eyes. A second later the music stopped. I didn’t want to open my eyes yet but I could hear birds chirping. I slowly opened my eyes to find the blinding light was gone… but I was no longer in the theater. I was in the woods.

I looked around to see that I was now outside, and I wasn’t even at Disney World anymore, I was in some forest!
“What the hell? What’s going on?” I tried to say. Instead, in the high soprano of snow white, I heard myself say
“Oh my! Whatever could have happened?”

I gasped and clasped my hands close to my chin. ‘What the hell’ I thought, I was moving weird, but I couldn’t help it!
“Why, my voice is so… pretty.” I said, not yet understanding what had happened. Without meaning too, I sang a few notes, and they were melodic and beautiful. I felt overtaken with shock when I heard it so I daintily covered my mouth with my hand. I realized that somehow, I WAS Snow White, and something was making me act and speak like her. I looked down and saw myself in Snow White’s signiture blue and yellow dress, small breasts curving out from my chest. I looked at my hands which were tiny and slender, then a little bluebird landed on one of my fingers. It started whistling a song and I felt compelled to sing along with it. Inside I was still me observing everything that was happening, but mostly I found myself acting as Snow White. I ended up LIVING the entire movie: I met the seven dwarves, the witch, Prince Charming, I sang, I even fell in love with the handsome prince… At least some part of me did, but not the real me. The real me found it strange to suddenly be a girl, but it was such an immersive experience that soon enough I just seemed to forget about it and let the movie take me away.

After being awoken by a kiss from the prince, I kissed all of the dwarves goodbye and the prince carried me away. I didn’t like the fact that I actually felt the way Snow White would for a guy, but I can’t deny that I did. When reality faded to black I knew the movie was over. I had a lot of fun but I was excited to get back to my own body, and back to being able to think and act like myself. But when light came back, I found myself not in the theater, but in the forest again! I looked at myself and found I was still Snow White! Before I could react a bluebird landed on my shoulder and began singing.

I wound up acting out the whole movie again. The part of me that was me was worried that I did something wrong, but the part of me that was Snow White was experiencing it all for the first time again. I tried to completely lose myself in the character, maybe that would get me out. But then after the story ended I found myself going through the whole thing again! I knew that something was wrong, but worse I knew the Snow White part of me was beginning to get stronger, and it became harder and harder to say or do anything that wasn’t exactly on script.

I’ve been trapped in this body and behavior for hours and I don’t know what’s going to happen. I can no longer do or say anything that Snow White doesn’t do in the movie, so I can’t even help myself. I hope somebody realizes I’m stuck and helps me.


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