New homeland

Barry’s cock was as hard as it was going to get as he looked up at the Thai woman’s pussy, he knew what he was doing was wrong but as long as his fiancée didn’t find out what was the harm. “Ok I’m ready” Barry said jacking his cock, the woman squatted down and sat on Barry’s face, she cooed as the white man began licking her cunt like mad. Minutes went by as the pair got closer to orgasm, John didn’t understand why Jenny wouldn’t sit on Barry’s face, he was loving every moment of having his cunt serviced by a man that was desperate to get the woman off first, maybe Jenny was too much of a prude. John had never liked her, he thought she wasn’t good enough for Barry but Barry had pick her, so when Jenny had made John promise that as best man he’d stop Barry getting off with any Thai woman he’d agreed.

John had kept that promise even though it was Jenny that had brought them to Thailand, a country full of temptation, for the wedding. John felt his cunt spasm as wave after wave of bliss travel through his body, “you may cum now” John said in a thick accent, Barry grunt underneath John as his dick shot cum into the air. John smiled as he stood up, this was the sixth night he’d used the spell to change into a Thai hooker, he’d promised that Barry wouldn’t sleep with any woman and Barry hadn’t, he been having sex with John. What he hadn’t promised was that he wouldn’t steal Barry from Jenny, as he looked at the diamond ring on his finger, a ring that a few hours ago was on Jenny’s finger, John knew he’d make Barry a very happy man, especially with all the new sex toys John had bought. Yes, John was very happy he had bought that spell from that old Thai woman he’d met the first day he flew into his new homeland and life.


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