New girl in the office.

Jacob could not believe this is what they meant by climbing the corporate ladder.

He had work 5 long hard years for the same company in the postal room and thought it was time he got a promotion.

Jacob was summoned to the head of HR & was surprised when he was offered a new opening as a personal assistant which was a great leap up the corporate ladder for him.

There was only one catch with the promotion he would have to wear a permanent bodysuit which would transform him into a gorgeous black haired woman.

Jacob spent all day thinking about this on the one hand the pay was better and the bonuses were greater and if he turn down this offer how long would it be before they offered him a promotion again.

But on the downside it meant giving up his manhood thinking back over his life he had not had much use for it as he was never successful with the ladies.

So what the heck he thought to himself & signed his new contract.

Now Jacob is going by Jessica and cannot believe how gorgeous he looked in his permanent bodysuit and was surprised at what sort of work he was expected to do to keep the executives happy.


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